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Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode starts with Preesha’s Mehndi ceremony. She inquires about Saaransh’s food, and Vasudha delivers it. Saaransh is fed by her. Digvijay informs Armaan that the Mehndi ceremony is taking place today and inquires about his plans to prevent the marriage.

Sania mocks Armaan, reminding him of how his haldi ceremony plan failed. Armaan tells her to keep quiet and wait. Anvi approaches him and inquires about her appearance. He complements her and inquires if she has eaten anything. Because it’s Preesha’s Mehndi ceremony, Anvi warns him that Preesha won’t be able to feed her anything.

Preesha is feeding Saaransh, according to Armaan, therefore it appears that Preesha is unconcerned about the latter. She informs him that she would approach Preesha and that she is confident that she will be fed. Vasudha grabs Preesha’s plate and tells her that she would feed Saaransh before sending her to apply Mehndi. Anvi approaches Preesha and expresses her hunger.

Preesha is ready to rise when Vasudha stops her and instructs Priya to feed Anvi. Priya will feed her today, she says Anvi. Anvi storms out of there, enraged. Rudraksh is ready to follow Anvi when Saaransh stops him and says he needs to use the restroom. He transports him to the restroom.

Saaransh informs him that it will not be arriving now. Rudraksh remembers that this has happened before, and that he sang a song at the time, so he sings again this time. He tells Preesha that although Saaransh has lost his memories, his habits have not changed. They take note of Anvi. Rudraksh approaches Anvi and informs her that she is hungry and that he will feed her. Anvi expresses her desire for Preesha to feed her. Sania arrives and assures her that she will be fed. From then, Anvi flees.

Rudraksh makes fun of Sania and pursues Anvi. He informs Anvi that Preesha hasn’t eaten anything since the morning since she is expecting her to eat. He inquires as to whether she is aware of Preesha’s favourite foods. Anvi flees the scene and returns with food for Preesha.

Rudraksh transports her to Preesha, who he feeds. Anvi also requests that he feed Preesha. He gives her a nod and feeds Preesha. When Thakur sees this, he becomes enraged. Sharda instructs the Mehndi girl to keep Rudraksh’s name hidden as much as possible. From there, she takes Rudraksh. Preesha is told by Saaransh that she wants to write R in her hand. She becomes upset and gives him Mehndi, which he writes.

Anvi shows Armaan her Mehndi. Saaransh is applying Mehndi to Preesha’s hand, he tells her. Sania informs Anvi that Preesha will not let her apply Mehndi to her hand.

Anvi informs her that the latter is incorrect. She approaches Preesha and informs her that she, too, wishes to apply Mehndi to her hand. Preesha gives her Mehndi. Saaransh, on the other hand, forbids Anvi from applying Mehndi on Preesha’s hand, claiming that Preesha is his mother.

Preesha is Preesha’s mother, according to Anvi. They begin fighting, and Saaransh is knocked out. Saaransh’s head is covered with blood, which Rudraksh notices. Preesha chastises Anvi, and the latter flees, crying. Sania informs Anvi that now that she has Saaransh, Preesha will no longer love her. She hugs her and promises her that she will adore her since she is her actual mother.



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