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Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins when Preesha goes to the washroom, and Armaan is there with her. Sania is aware of this. Armaan requests Servant to cut off the supply of water to the room of Preesha and then let it go within 10 minutes. Servant smiles and walks away from the room. Armaan is in the bathroom and is asked by Preesha about what transpired. Preesha informs him that water isn’t coming. He scrubs her face using a handkerchief. He tells her that she’s good. They get soaked in the rain. Armaan compliments his Servant’s timing. In the meantime, Sania is trying to communicate with Rudraksh. Then she attempts to apply color to his face, but he stops her by saying that only Preesha is able to apply color on the face before.

Sharda says to Rudraksh that Preesha did not return but she hasn’t returned yet. Rudraksh says she should go to see. Sania interrupts him, and says that he’s overreacting. He then leaves. She hopes Armaan completed his work. Rudraksh is the one who takes Preesha out from the bathroom. He assists her in washing her eyes. Vasudha arrives and asks Preesha about what was wrong with her. She takes her away from there. Rudraksh sees Armaan appreciating Servant. He wonders what would happen is the scenario if Armaan would like to break up the marriage and act in front of the entire world.

Vasudha brings Preesha downstairs. Armaan and Rudraksh use the color plate and apply it to Preesha’s face, and then move toward her. Saaransh is thrown into Rudraksh as the red color of the former’s plate falls onto Preesha. Everyone smiles except Thakur’s. Armaan drops his plate in anger. Sharda says to the guests she believes that Rudraksh as well as Preesha are made for one another. Vasudha informs them that the Haldi has ended and that it’s time to play with colours. Rudraksh is the one who takes the colors and rubs it on Preesha ( The Ang laga De song is playing as background music ). He informs her that there is no way to get between them.

He grabs her and puts her in the bowl of water telling her that Armaan made this, so they can take advantage of it. He drags her and the pair have the eyelock. ( the title track is playing on the background ). Armaan is upset by the scene. Preesha is requesting Saaransh to join her. Gopal chooses Saaransh and hands him over to Preesha. They play in the water. Preesha acknowledges Armaan. Digvijay informs Armaan that his plan failed once more. Sania taunts Armaan. Armaan says to the couple that he will not allow this marriage to happen regardless of the circumstances.

Then, Sharda visits Thakur house and offers sangeet’s Leganga to Preesha. Preesha says she will keep it in her bedroom. Rudraksh says that it’s heavy, so he’ll help her. He takes her to her bedroom and he gives her a hug. She requests him to go away. He assures her that he has all right to fall in love with her.


He is planning to kiss her, and Armaan is seen entering the room with a pity and apologizes. Preesha questions him about what transpired. He informs her that the catering company called to discuss the menu. Vasudha is the one who takes Rudraksh from the restaurant and says they need to be prepared for Mehndi. Then Rudraksh is greeted by Preesha along with Saaransh.


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