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Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

Rudra questions Sania Dubash about Saransh. Sania states that she can’t recall as Ahana talked about Saransh many years ago. She is tired and wants to relax in a hotel room. Rudra claims he is familiar with a hotel and invites her along. Preesha dreams in her sleep about Rudra and her love for one another from their first meeting until now. The background music plays Tum na hue mere kya mai to tumhara… Rudra is what she shouts when she wakes up. Arman rushes towards her and asks why. Preesha attempts to hurry out, saying Rudra is in danger. She needs to rescue him. He holds her hand and asks her to relax, as it was a nightmare. Preesha says she didn’t receive Rudra’s call, and doesn’t know anything about him. She wants to meet him. Arman shouts enough, as she risks her life to support Rudra. He cannot see her this way and will call Rudra to ask him to meet her.

Rudra brings Sania to the hotel’s reception and book her a room. Arman calls her and disconnects his phone thinking that he will meet Preesha once he has located Saransh. Bunty informs him that something is wrong with him and Sania wants to use him instead. Rudra ignores him. Arman questions Preesha about Rudra’s behavior in that he ignores calls. Preesha requests him to not interfere with Rudra. Arman claims he wants to help her. She claims she understands Arman’s intentions and will talk to Rudra whenever he wishes. Arman will not interfere. Rudra takes Sania to his room. Sania declares she needs champagne. He arranges it. Sania believes Rudra is easily falling into her trap, and will do her job through him. Rudra returns to the reception. Bunty questions if Sania has revealed anything. Rudra said no. Bunty believes that Sania is doing something, and Bunty should be cautious. Rudra sends him off and orders champagne at the reception.

Devi gives Preesha food and she eats it. Preesha thanked her. Chachaji is happy to see Anvi, Arman and Preesha together in one room. He prays that they will be a happy family for all eternity. Preesha asks him how he is and he tells Arman that they are going to meet at a hotel. Sania and Rudra enjoy champagne back at the hotel. Rudra asks her to recall what Ahana said about Saransh. Sania questions if he brought him here for that. Rudra claims Saransh was his son. Sania claims she knows and wants to retain it subconsciously. Therefore, she would like to let go of the tension before he does. He agrees. She orders food. He orders food. Chachaji arrives at the hotel to meet his friend. He takes his room number through reception. Sania, who is heavily intoxicated, has a brief conversation with Rudra. She says that he has helped her so much and that she likes him. He makes her lie down on the bed, leaning over her, and asks her to stop drinking. Chachaji, passing by their room, is shocked to see Rudra with a woman. He takes their photos. He says he will show the photos to Preesha so she can decide whether Arman is right for her or if Rudra is a sexy jerk. Rudra splits with Sania angrily and states that he came to discover Saransh’s information and not get intimate. If she doesn’t want to share, he will search elsewhere. Sania says that she has all the information about Saransh, Ahana and both of them.

Chachaji calls Preesha to tell her that she is concerned about Rudra and that he is having an affair with another girl in a hotel. Preesha yells at him. Chachaji claims he knew Preesha wouldn’t believe him and shows her Rudra’s and Sania’s intimate photos. Preesha is distraught. Chachaji wants to give up her happy family and daughter for Rudra, who is a characterless Rudra. Preesha declares that she will meet Rudra to discover the truth, and then walks off. Arman follows her. Preesha walks behind Rudra and calls him angrily. Sharda wants to know if everything is okay. Preesha claims Rudra went to another place without her knowing and now, after showing her the photos, he says he is in love with another girl. If he truly loves her, then why would he do this? Sharda claims that even though she doesn’t know the truth, she will question him when he returns. Preesha claims she will instead question him and he must answer her. Rudra returns home. Preesha claims that he finally came in front of her. She madly searched for him everywhere, and she found him enjoying himself with Mishka at a club. Today Chachaji also saw him with another girl. Sania walks in. Preesha questions the woman. Preesha and Sharda are shocked when Rudra tells them that Sania is his wife. Sharda questions if he is mad and what the new dreama is. Rudra claims it is not a drama because he just married Sania.


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