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Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

Ahana and Mishka move to a small rented apartment. She says that she had to submit fake documents in order to obtain it. Mishka believes that a chawl is better than this lower-middle class flat. Ahana said they should hide from Rudra until they leave India. Rudra must surely be looking in all the high-end hotels and apartments. Desai called her, telling her that Rudra had discovered she had opened the trust fund and telling her to hide from him. She panics and plans on renting a flat in the lower middle class. Mishka scolds her out of flashback that all the problems were caused by her. Mishka recalls the Goa conspiracy and asks Mishka to stop blaming her only. Rudra arrives at Sania Dubash’s bank to ask the manager for her address. Manager denies citing client confidentiality. Bunty says Rudra will be found at her home by someone else, and Bunty takes Rudra with her.

Arman takes Preesha to Rudra’s hotel, and promises that he will wait for her. He asks her to leave, as Rudra will be returning home. He says he will wait until she is calm and that he will only go if he sees Rudra with her. Preesha questions the hotel receptionist about Rudra, who tells him that Rudra wasn’t there for work today. Preesha wanders out, lost in thoughts worrying about Rudra, when a speeding truck approaches her. Arman saves her in time. She continues to say that Rudra isn’t even at home or in the hotel. He angrily asked her to stop following Rudra and risking her lives. How would he survive if she was hurt? He looks at her in shock. He said he meant Anvi.

Rudra informs Bunty to check Ahana’s old flat for Sania Dubash’s clue. Bunty agrees. They search Ahana’s apartment but don’t find anything. Then they stand outside, trying to find Sania Dubash. A lady approaches her and inquires about Ahana. Rudra claims she’s moved out of the flat and asks for Ahana’s address. It is not her business, she says. He requests that she stop being so rude. She claims she has seen him before. Bunty claims he is Rudraksh Khurana, a famous rock star who quit singing seven months ago. Sania discovers that he is Preesha’s ex-husband, and she thinks about taking revenge on Preesha through him. He questions why she needs Ahana. Sania says that Ahana stole a lot of money from her. Rudra recalls Ahana’s habit of transferring money to Sania regularly and asks her what she did for Ahana. Sania claims she loaned her large sums of money but Ahana is only paying the installments. Rudra claims Ahana is hiding. Sania claims she knows how to locate Ahana. Rudra believes he can contact Ahana through her and offers to meet for coffee. He asks her if he understands what it means. He refuses to consider the meaning. She agrees, and says she will use Rudra.

Arman takes Preesha back home. Anvi is happy to see him and asks her where she went. Chachaji requests Anvi to allow Preesha to rest, as she seems tired. Arman takes Preesha into her room and consoles. She weeps that she is unsure why Rudra behaves like this and what she should be doing. He tells her to stop thinking and puts her to sleep. Chachaji spots Arman in Preesha’s room. He thinks that he wants them to be together forever, and Rudra out from Preesha’s life forever.

Rudra takes Sania into a cafeteria. Bunty suggests that they focus on searching Saransh. Rudra claims Sania is able to lead them to Ahana. Sania walks in. Rudra asks her if she has any important work. She responds that she is doing the same. He then asks her if she is aware of Ahana’s plan to reopen trust funds and get big money. Ahana and she didn’t talk about it because they are not close friends. He wants to know if Ahana has spoken about Saransh. She claims that Ahana once spoke about Saransh.


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