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Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins when Preesha informs Rudraksh that she has Saaransh asleep, and he anxious when he hears the name of Ahana. She visits Armaan and expresses her gratitude to him. She informs him that she has hurt him so badly, yet she stood by his with her every step of the way. He informs her that he is her best friend and desires her happiness, and he realizes that Rudraksh is the source of her happiness. He invites her to contact him in case Rudraksh had a problem with her at the time. The apologizes Rudraksh for the mistakes too, but not a deliberate act. Rudraksh says that Vasudha was supportive of Preesha after he had hurt her. He then hugs her. Vasudha apologizes Rudraksh for his behavior toward him. He informs her that she’s a good mother which is why she behaved as the way she did. She criticizes Gopal for not being honest with her. Preesha is defending Rudraksh and Gopal by saying that they hid the truth to protect their own interests.

Rudraksh informs Preesha that they need to help Saaransh recall the past. He answers Sharda’s calls and turns on the mobile the speaker. Preesha informs Sharda that she’s in love with Rudraksh. Sharda inquires about Saaransh and as well about their marriage. Preesha invites her to the house of Armaan.

Digvijay whispers to Armaan as to what’s going on and the reason they’re engaged in their family reunion after ruining the lives of the others. Armaan informs him that they have no other choice but to watch the whole thing in silence. He is informed by Sania’s messages and informs Digvijay that he’s heading out to breathe some fresh air and to take a few leaves at the end of the road.


After a few minutes, Armaan meets Sania and is adamant about her destruction of everything. Sania blames Ahana and informs him that she’s not allowed to leave the city since she is the main witness in Ahana’s trial. He informs her that is the time to take the steps he needs to do and take her to the airport.

Sharda encounters Preesha and asks her to accompany the girl to Saaransh. They go upstairs and find Saaransh asleep. Sharda says to Preesha she’s happy they have Saaransh and she comes down. Armaan brings Sania to the room. Rudraksh insists that Sania to go out of the area. Armaan says that the police stated that Sania cannot go out of the city. Sania must stay with us and that’s the reason he brought her along with him.


Sharda informs Preesha that everything is now settled which means that she can go to Khurana home. Armaan informs Preesha that he will not allow her to leave like this. He tells Preesha that she must be divorced after marrying Rudraksh since her divorce was finalized already. Rudraksh wants to know how keep away from Preesha. Armaan informs him that within three days, marriage will take place. Everyone is in agreement with Armaan. Sharda is the one who takes Rudraksh to the place. Preesha as well as her whole family go to visit Saaransh.

Digvijay and Sania criticize Armaan. Armaan says that he’s playing in the presence of Preesha and someone else is going to keep this marriage from happening. Then, Saaransh wakes up. Preesha says to Saaransh the truth that Ahana doesn’t have a mother. She puts him to go to sleep. Rudraksh is greeted by Preesha in the grass. They make apologies and hug one another. He assures her that he’ll never let her leave him.


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