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Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

Preesha, unacquainted with Rudra and inebriated Mishka, returns to Arman and asks for permission to go home. He tells her that they haven’t had dessert yet, and she offers her favorite dessert with a note that she is not smiling. She smiles and enjoys the dessert. Arman tells her to stop because she’s gained weight and looks like a bodybuilder. He is surprised when she laughs and hits her with a spoon. He said he made her smile, and that his mission was complete. He takes such good care of her, she says, and they can go home. Rudra believes Mishka won’t wake up so he should drop her off at home and then lifts her up. Preesha, Arman and others leave the club. She realizes she forgot her phone in, and she walks back to find Rudra hugging Mishka. Arma informs her that Rudra left her at the end of their most romantic night. Arman interrupts her and tells her she should not because he may be planning something and she might ruin it. She agrees with him and says that he is correct. Rudra will be questioned later.

Rudra brings Inebriated Mishka home. Ahana is shocked to see Rudra with Mishka. She asks why. Rudra claims that he brought her home after finding her drunk in a bar. Mishka says they had a lot of fun. Rudra drops her leaves. Ahana is hopeful that Mishka did not reveal any information to Rudra. Rudra believes he should discover Ahana’s plan by meeting with the lawyer Desai. He picks up the phone to call Bunty, to get his assistance, and sees all his missed calls to him. Bunty tells Rudra that he is standing outside Ahana’s building because he was following her. Rudra meets him and informs him about Ahana’s meeting with a lawyer. Rudra claims he knows Desai’s address because he was their family attorney before. Desai is physically abused by Rudra when he arrives at his house. Desai agrees. Rudra questions how he opened trust fund without Saransh present and asks where Saransh is. Desai reveals that Ahana met with a judge in closed session and gave Saransh his DNA sample and finger prints. Bunty drags Rudra there.

Preesha and Arman return home. Anivi is happy to see her and tells her that she promised she was going to Rudra/the handsome uncle. Preesha claims she returned to her to make her sleep and takes her in. Arman tells chachaji that Preesha was upset but is cheered up by him. Rudra had left Preesha midway so Preesha called him. Chachaji states that it is good for Rudra and Preesha to continue their differences as it Preesha can get closer to Arman and then accept him. Arman is happy to see that. Preesha puts Anvi to sleep, remembering Rudra’s great for her, their romance dates, and then recalls him with Mishka. The background music plays Tum na hue mere kya. Rudra has gone to Mishka and she thinks there is something wrong. She will then go to his home and see if he has returned home. Arman stops her as she walks towards the door and asks her if Rudra is coming with them. To find out if he has returned home, she says yes. He tells her he understands and invites her to contact him if necessary. She walks away. He believes that Preesha is in his destiny.

Bunty, while driving, apologizes to Rudra that he didn’t believe Saransh was alive. Ahana won’t reveal Saransh’s location. Rudra suggests that we take Desai to Ahana, and she will accept that Saransh was reopened trust fund. Then Ahana can reveal Saransh’s location. Preesha arrives at Rudra’s home from the other side. Sharda questions him about his activities here, as if he hadn’t met Rudra. She said she met Rudra, and that they enjoyed each other. He then called her and left without telling her anything. Then she saw him with Mishka. Sharda claims Rudra was eager for her to meet him, so why did he visit Mishka? Preesha believes there must have been a bigger reason. Sharda wants to know the reason. Preesha claims she doesn’t know the answer and came to this place to find out. Sharda calms her down. Rudra arrives at Desai’s house.


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