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Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Preesha says to Rudra she needs to know the about the truth, but she was told earlier the fact that Krishna was Saransh. She reveals Saransh’s birthmark on his bag , and recalls Krishna looking her over and hugging her in fear, telling her she’s afraid to move away from her since Ahana will be taking her out of the country. Preesha declares she will talk to her mother and refuse to take her away. She brings her to the room and her hair falls off. She is shocked and asks what she was wearing the wig for. Krishna states that Ahana forces her to wear the wig to conceal the fact that he’s a man instead. Preesha wonders the reason Ahana would like to conceal Krishna as a female. Vasu asks nanny for help to bring Preesha down. Preesha introduces Krishna not as a nanny but rather Anvi’s friend . She requests her to go to her room and provide her with food. GPS arrives and demands Preesha not to get married Arman and tells the whole the story began with Rudra discovering that Saransh is alive and living with Ahana who is engaged to Sania to obtain Saransh’s details, Ahana ordering him to be a character who assassinates GPS and others. He says that Saransh lives. Preesha experiences emotional hearing and is thinking that If Krishna is in Ahana and he’s Saransh. She is rushing to Krishna and upon examining the birthmark on his the back, she realizes Krishna has been identified as Saransh. She is enthralled by Krishna and declares that he is her Saransh. The title track from Serial is played on the background. Krishna is curious about what transpired. Preesha claims to be the son of her Saransh and then returned to her. Ahana changed her appearance to shield her to Rudra and her. She felt the feeling that when she was holding her hand that they were connected and that he was her Saransh. In a flashback, Preesha tells Rudra that Ahana altered Saransh’s appearance and voice in order to hide his identity. Rudra affectionately hugs and treats Saransh.

Arman phone calls Sania and warns her for her inattention, Rudra reached here and ended the marriage. Sania states that Rudra kept the woman in her hotel room, and fled, but she’ll come to her room and take care of the things. Arman declares that Rudra and Preesha won’t be separating after they discovered their son Saransh He does not want Preesha to feel resentful about him after discovering the what is true, so she needs to be here to handle the issue. On the other hand, Ahana is worried about she hasn’t found Krishna and removing her nanny from her job . She is warned not to disclose the story of Saransh or anyone else. She is thinking about how she can locate Krishna in the present. Mishka insists that Krishna go where he likes to go, as they have accumulated the money they wanted through him, and Krishna is no longer a burden to them right now. Ahana believes she’s correct, but why did she not think of this and suggest that they go to London shortly.

Rudra continues to pamper Saransh and asks if she does not remember his name. Preesha states that if Ahana is able to change Saransh’s appearance and voice, she will erase his memories. Rudra states that he’ll not sacrifice Ahana, Mishka, and Sania today. Sania is bringing Ahana as well as Mishka. Arman wonders what she is doing and why she show up to this place. Sania declares that Ahana and Mishka have irritated him, and she can now punish them. Rudra questions how arrive to this place. Sania states she was aware Rudra was coming to been here and locked her in the room, and she was thinking of punishing Ahana as well as Mishka and reconnecting Saransh, Rudra, and Preesha. Rudra says she’s lying. Sania claims she is aware Rudra as well as Preesha are the same, so she believed in the truth and was thinking of reuniting them and their son. Preesha insists she’s lying, and she doesn’t know how she discover Ahana and Mishka even though she wasn’t able to do it previously. She claims she was thinking like them and pulled the two from their hideout. and now Rudra and Preesha are able to punish them in according to their own way.


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