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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Krishna believes she doesn’t want her to leave here so she meets Preesha and makes her way towards her home. Ahana tells nanny to keep their information secret and states that she didn’t properly care for Krishna. However, she will write a recommendation letter to her even if she doesn’t speak up. Nanny agrees. Rudra calls Bunty and asks him to go to Preesha’s house to end her marriage. Bunty tells Rudra that he’s in Dehradun. Rudra stops his bike and asks to be dropped off in Delhi. Biker recognizes Rudra as rockstar Rudra, and promises to drop him anywhere he likes. Rudra thanks him for his help and hopes Preesha won’t get married until he gets there. Krishna silently walks into Preesha’s home and searches for Preesha. Vasu, with his GPS, walks to Preesha. She gets emotional when she sees her dressed as a bride and says that she will take her to mandap. Preesha assures her that she will be coming down. Nanny questions Vasu about sweet boxes, and she takes Vasu along. GPS informs Preesha she can marry Arman even if she doesn’t want to. Preesha claims she is running away from Rudra because of Sulochana’s curse. What can she do to make sure Rudra does not become her fate? She claims she doesn’t know whether Rudra married Sania, but she is marrying Arman. GPS believes Rudra promised him that he would not marry Sania under pressure.

Rudra travels from Shimla to Delhi (approx 350km) by bike in just 5 minutes. Preesha waits for Arman, the groom in mandap. Pandit requests Vasu to be the bride. Preesha, a nanny, walks into Mandap and sits beside Arman. Guards stop Rudra. Arman and Preesha exchange garland. Rudra defeats guards and walks in. Pandit asks Arman, Preesha and Preesha to sand for pheras. Presha eagerly waits at Rudra’s door. Pheras start. Rudra calls her and enters. She stops. He asks why she didn’t wait for him to marry her, even though she knows that they love each others and can’t live apart. She knows he lied because of Saransh, their son Saransh, and whatever he did with Ahana. She should have waited for him, and not married Arman. How will he survive without her? Preesha claims she knows Saransh’s alive and Rudra loves her, so she didn’t marry Arman. She also recalls asking panditji not to chant mantras because she can’t marry Arman. Vasu questions her about what she is doing and asks panditji if she wants to keep chanting mantras. Preesha claims she cannot marry. Chachaji questions Preesha about why she humiliates them so often. Preesha informs Arman that she can’t marry him because she still loves Rudra. Vasu slaps her, warns her against taking Rudra’s name and asks her why she is so mad at Rudra despite his terrible behavior. Preesha claims she is Rudra’s daughter and will always be. Chachaji claims Rudra did so many wrong things to her even though she was the one who made it. Preesha claims that Rudra did this to get Saransh’s back. Vasu is shocked to learn that. Preesha claims their Saransh are still alive. GPS confirms Preesha’s right. She also explains the whole story. Preesha claims Rudra has been so cruel to her that she can’t leave him.

Preesha and Rudra embraced each other out of flashback. Preesha claims she is honest and didn’t marry Arman. Rudra then laments that he couldn’t find Saransh despite so much effort. Preesha claims he was searching Saransh but god was taking him to Saransh multiple times and Saransh was with her. He inquires about Saransh. She asks her nanny to bring Saransh. Nanny brings Krishna. Preesha claims that Ahana has lied to them, claiming Krishna is Saransh. She removes Krishna’s wig and says he is their Saransh. She claims she knew the truth when Saransh came to her, and she shows Saransh his birthmark on his back.


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