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Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Episode 1: Sania speaks to Rudraksh, who is asleep. Armaan calls her and she informs him that she is only with Rudraksh and that they are not in Delhi. Armaan receives a picture she took with Rudraksh. She tells Rudraksh to enjoy the wedding ceremonies, as Rudraksh will not be able reach them. He recalls their agreement and she asks him to prepare papers for his London home. He assures her that she will be able to get the house, but asks her to be cautious.

Lawyer tells Ahana, however, that all property of Khurana now belongs to her. Ahana thanks Lawyer for everything and gives him money. From there, he leaves. Mishka and Ahana get excited. Krishna informs Ahana that Preesha invited her to the sanget ceremony. Ahana criticizes her for calling Preesha mother. She informs her that Preesha isn’t going anywhere. Rosy calls her and asks her to bring Krishna inside. She calls someone, tells them she wants London tickets tomorrow and then disconnects the call. Mishka informs her that Preeta will not get Krishna until tomorrow. Ahana informs her that no one will know their secret once they leave India.

Preesha, Armaan and their sangeet ceremony begin. Anvi announces that she chose a special song to perform for Preesha & Armaan. Preesha and Armaan dances on “Tera ban jaunga” song. Preesha fantasizes about Rudraksh dancing and tells Armaan “i love you”, which shocks him. He questions her about her confession. He is shocked when she realizes that her mistake and tells her that she loves him as a friend.


Gopal arrives at Khurana mansion to ask Sharda where Rudraksh is and what he is doing to end the marriage. She informs him about Rudraksh’s plan, but she doesn’t know anything. Gopal calls Rudraksh. Rudraksh awakens to the ringtone and Sania knocks him unconscious. She switches off her mobile. Sharda and Gopal get worried.

Preesha remembers how Rudraksh confessed. Vasudha brings breakfast for Preesha. She tells Preesha to forget Rudraksh’s past and not dwell on it because she believes the latter is right. She encourages her to concentrate on her special day. Preesha believes that Rudraksh would tell her the truth about Armaan marrying her, but it seems like Rudraksh didn’t notice her decision. She wonders where he is now.


Rudraksh awakes and wonders where he is now. He decides to go to Delhi to end the marriage. He shouts at Sania, telling her that he knows she is playing with his mind and making him unconscious. He laughs and she tells her that she’s tired of her acting for him. He is challenged to end the marriage, she says. He says he doesn’t have the time and promises to end this marriage. He locks her up in a room, and then he leaves. Armaan calls her to inform her, but she doesn’t hear back from the other side.

Preesha is made ready to be a bride. Preesha is presented with Armaan’s mother necklace by Digvijay. Preesha is able to wear the necklace thanks to Vasudha. Ahana, who is giving money to Rosy, informs her that she will be leaving India with Krishna. Krishna hears her, and decides that Preesha will be his destination.


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