Wired Or Wireless Mouse? Which One Is Better?

While buying a mouse, this question always arises in every buyer’s mind “Wired Or Wireless Mouse?” this is a confusion which is going on from years.

Some of them might be thinking that what’s a big difference between both of the mice “Just buy & use that it, Right?”. There are pros and cons on wired as well as a wireless mouse, but it depends upon what kind of user you are.

If you are a regular surfer, who use the mouse just for office work or surfing then you can easily survive with an average/ordinary mouse but, if you are a gamer, then gaming mouse has some of the specific features that are suitable for gaming or other particular activities.

The best part is both wired and wireless mouse supports most of the similar features, but there are some of the core difference. Let’s have a look at their differences, advantages, and disadvantages.

Wired Mouse

Let me tell you the fact, the wired mouse is little faster compared to wireless as the wireless mouse has to transfer the information wirelessly via USB, so it makes it a bit slower than wired, but it won’t make any huge difference for a regular user but at the same time this bit slow or lag can easily frustrate any gamer or a graphic designer.

So a gamer & designer might always select a wired mouse over a wireless as it doesn’t have many delays compared to wired because precision is important for both with faster response time and better accuracy.

The best part about the wired mouse I love the most is that there’s no worry about the battery if you are like me who don’t keep a stock of battery and at midnight your wireless mouse battery is dead then it can be very frustrating to buy a new or recharge it again but at the same time, wired mouse wins the game as there is no need of any batteries, a wire can do it all.

Another reason why most of the people buy the wired mouse is its cost, the wired mouse is much cheaper than wireless. Last week I purchased HP Z3700 wireless mouse for my home office around 1000 INR but on another side, HP X1000 wired mouse will cost you around 300 INR you can see the enormous cost difference between wired and wireless mouse.


  • It can be used without a battery
  • Cheaper
  • Better accuracy & response time
  • No interference & dongle


  • Less Freedom To Roam
  • Annoying Wires
  • Lack of convenience

Wireless Mouse

The most common reason for people who buy a wireless mouse is to get rid of wires as no one loves to entangle those irritating wires every time and adding extra wire in your computer cables which are already messed up is very frustrating.

Wireless mouse is very convenient compared to the wired mouse as it is small and portable without any cables so that you can use it anywhere conveniently.

I travel a lot so using a wired mouse with my laptop is not that comfortable and looks old fashioned too also the wired mouse get tangled in your lappy bag, and while removing, it comes out with all the other stuff.

The best part about wireless mouse I love that you can use it from anywhere by just connecting it via USB and if you use your TV as desktop and you want to control it from your sofa or you are sitting far from your PC then you can easily give a command with your mouse but on the other side you can use the wired mouse at a limited distance.


  • Portable
  • Wirefree


  • Low Accuracy
  • Limited Battery