Udaariyaan 8th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Udaariyaan 8th Sept 2021 Written Update Tejo’s brave move Tejo exposes Jasmin’s truth before both her families. Tejo tells Jasmin the truth first to her parents. They knew Jasmin was up to something. Jasmin is told by Tejo that Jasmin has made a decision to travel to the location she desires. As she wants to win Fateh’s family and house, she asks Jasmin for help. Because he doesn’t deserve her, she decides to divorce Fateh for good. Rupy, Satti and Satti begin to hate Jasmin after learning about the shocking affair she had with Fateh (now Tejo’s husband).

Tejo decides that she will end her sister’s marriage. Jasmin is taken to Virk house by Tejo. To the shock of her family, Tejo pushes Jasmin furiously. Tejo was worried about by the Virk family. They asked Tejo if she was okay. They observe her with the sindoor covering her face and clothes. They were worried to see her scold Jasmin. Gurpreet questions Tejo about how she brought Jasmin home. Tejo requests Jasmin to stand up and tell everyone that Fateh is not only Tejo’s husband but Jasmin’s boyfriend.

The whole family is shocked when Tejo reveals the truth. Jasmin is asked if it is true. Khushbeer questions Tejo about this. Tejo informs Khushbeer that she saw the truth, and she saw Fateh, Jasmin at the party. They were introducing themselves to everyone and introducing themselves as husband/wife.

Khushbeer sees Fateh returning home. He questions Fateh about his actions. Khushbeer understands why Tejo was so upset after she returned from the party. He slaps Fateh. Both Fateh and Jasmin are reprimanded for the greatest cheat ever imagined. Fateh is held accountable. To save her family’s fury, Jasmin will take advantage of the situation to accuse Tejo of having an affair with Buzo. What can Jasmin do for herself? Continue reading.