Udaariyaan 4th October 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Tejo claimed that Jasmin had leaked the test question papers in order to place the responsibility on Tejo, who is a responsible teacher who must answer to the college’s disciplinary panel. Tejo is accused of being the source of the paper leak. Tejo informs the principal that she was not the one who leaked the question paper. She begs the principal to put his or her faith in her. The principal reminds the students that Tejo had arranged the question papers but had not yet shared them with anyone. She wonders if there is anyone else who could be able to release the documents besides her. Because Tejo had given tuition to the students before the tests and because many of the students were wealthy, she claims she would have sold the question paper for the purpose of money if she had the opportunity. Tejo is horrified by the allegations levelled against her.

Tejo departs from the college and suffers a breakdown on the way back to his house. She is at a loss for what to say to her family, knowing that the accusation will bring them into disrepute. Fateh keeps an eye out for Tejo when she doesn’t get home from college until the wee hours of the morning. He comes across a shattered Tejo by the side of the road. He comes across her in the most unexpected of places. He inquires of Tejo as to what happened to her. He holds her and comforts her, as if he were a friend. He asks her to tell him about the trouble she’s having.

Tejo breaks down in front of him and tells him about the horrific charge levelled against her. She claims that she did not reveal the contents of the question paper. She wants Fateh to put his faith in her. Fateh has faith in her. He is well aware that Tejo is incapable of making a mistake. He is interested in discovering who and why Tejo has been falsely accused.

Tejo discovers that her laptop is turned on. She becomes aware that the question papers were being used by someone else. She doesn’t seem to be paying attention. Jasmin bolts from the room in a huff. Tejo informs the family that she would be dropping Candy off at her residence. Gurpreet breaks down in tears. She wishes Simran had given birth to a child. Candy is delivered to Simran by Tejo. Candy has the authority to tell everyone in the family anything they want about her, according to Simran. Tejo is well aware that she is taking a significant risk. She assures Khushbeer that he will forgive her if he falls in love with Candy. Jasmin runs up to Sweety’s side. She claims that she has a copy of the exam paper that she is about to disclose. According to Tejo, she modified the papers a little easier for the sake of her kids, and she informs the Principal of her decision.

After all, Tejo was awarded the best teacher award, and the principal claims that children adore her. Sweety confronts Jasmin and inquires as to why she leaked the paper. Jasmin confesses that she had uploaded the document to the internet for everyone to see. Sweety is alarmed by Sweety’s behaviour. Tejo has a conversation with the principal regarding Jasmin bringing up personal issues with Tejo. Sweety is assured by Jasmin that she would not be apprehended for leaking the papers. Tejo wishes to concentrate on her work by putting the papers aside. It is stated by the Principal that she is pleased with Tejo’s performance. Jasmin wishes for Tejo to become well-known for the wrong reasons. She anticipates Tejo being kicked out of the house as well as the college. She travels to the academy in order to meet Fateh there. She creates a stumbling block for his encounter.

He inquires as to why Jasmin seemed to be in such good spirits. Jasmin refuses to share any information with him. She informs him that they would be going shopping. He responds that he has to save money for his trip to Canada. He asks her to assist him at his place of employment. She expresses her want for new outfits in preparation for Soni’s engagement. She expresses her dissatisfaction to him. He hands over his credit card. He tells her that she can spend her money whatever she likes as long as she stays within the budget. The fact that the question paper has been released has pleased the students. Tejo is summoned to the college by the principal. Tejo is reprimanded by her for disclosing the documents. Tejo asserts that he did not commit the crime. She claims that she will not gain anything from exposing the documents. When she is accused of selling the papers for the purpose of money, the principal is furious.

Tejo requests that she refrain from accusing her. Tejo’s efforts, according to the principal, will bring their college into disrepute as well. Tejo adamantly maintains her innocence. The principal has asked her to remedy the situation within 12 hours. She wants Tejo to help her maintain her own dignity as well as the college’s reputation. Jasmin is overjoyed with the progress that has been made. Jasmin is eager to commemorate her victory. She prepares a cake in order to wow Fateh and the rest of the family. Tejo is concerned about Khushbeer’s reputation and respect. She is thrown for a loop. Jasmin revels in her victory over her sister and the tears that have filled her life. Nimmo informs Gurpreet that Jasmin appears to be in good spirits, implying that she has something major planned against them. Gurpreet expresses her hope that her family will be safe. Fateh comes across Tejo while driving. He considers assisting the young lady in need.

He is taken aback by the discovery of Tejo. He is able to calm her down. Jasmin explains to the family that she is attempting to win their affection. Fateh inquires as to why Tejo is crying. Tejo explains the entire text to him. She informs him that he only has 11 hours remaining in the day. Fateh assures them that they will be able to find a way out. He asks her to re-set the question papers, which she does. He is prepared to assist her. He tells her that he has complete faith in her, and that she will win the battle because of her dedication and courage. The family is waiting for Fateh and Tejo to arrive.

Fateh supports Tejo as if he were a close friend. Tejo requests that he refrain from holding her hand because their relationship is falling down. She is adamant in her refusal to accept his assistance. He assures her that he would take care of everything and that he will save her from the mess. He wants to aid Tejo in order to save Khushbeer’s reputation and honour. Jasmin is perplexed as to who will save Tejo. If Jasmin finds out that Fateh is assisting her, Tejo does not want any drama to ensue. Fateh believes that it is an effective method of getting rid of his guilt. Tejo gives him permission to assist her. Will they be able to solve the problem and uncover Jasmin’s secret? Will Fateh and Tejo be able to expose Jasmin’s nefarious scheme and bring her to justice? Please continue reading.