Udaariyaan 2nd October 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Jasmin’s new source of evil Tejo’s family tries everything they can to put a smile on her face, but she becomes sad when she sees their love and sobs. Jasmin informs Fateh that she would be preparing his favourite food for the evening. Fateh recognises that he has separated himself from his family, despite the fact that he is remaining in the same house. Tejo informs the pupils that she will be providing online tutorials to them before to their exams. Jasmin walks into the house to discover the entire family praising and blessing Tejo. Khushbeer believes Fateh has insulted him, whilst Tejo has maintained his regard. Khushbeer is someone Jasmin despises.

She wants to devise a plan to slander Tejo and get her evicted from the house as soon as possible. Tejo feels resentful that she is still obligated to stay in the loveless marriage. She is well aware that Fateh will be dissatisfied with the six-month period that has been granted to them, which has deprived him of his freedom. She wishes she might be of assistance to Fateh. Fateh also expresses his gratitude to Tejo, who has worked so hard to earn a place in his home. In the face of Fateh and his entire family praising Tejo, Jasmin becomes outraged by feelings of jealously and insecurity. Jasmin wishes for Tejo to leave the Virk household and return to their parents’ residence. She is unable to tolerate Tejo any longer.

Even Tejo finds it difficult to bear Jasmin’s presence in the house, but he keeps his mouth shut because of Fateh. The court has requested them to give their marriage a second shot, which they have agreed to do. If Fateh and Tejo start living under the same roof, Jasmin becomes concerned that Fateh would become close to Tejo once more. Jasmin is adamant about not taking any chances.

Jasmin intends for Tejo to win the family’s hatred rather than their affection. Jasmin hatches a new diabolical scheme against Tejo in order to tarnish her reputation, so that Tejo’s insult brings disgrace onto the family and they are unable to kick her out of the house. Jasmin’s goal is for Khushbeer to kick Tejo out of the house.

Jasmin infiltrates Tejo’s room and steals her laptop computer. She has a thought that she wants to share with you. She believes that if her plan is successful, everyone will despise Tejo and never trust her when she tells the truth. She wants Tejo to back down from her position. When Tejo walks into the room, he immediately notices Jasmin. When Jasmin sees her, she becomes afraid. She tries to find an excuse to depart. What has Jasmin gotten herself into this time? Please continue reading.