Udaariyaan 29th September 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

The episode begins with cops placing a drunken man in the same cell as Tejo and Fateh. Tejo informs Fateh that he was unable to find another place to stay in Chandigarh and urges him to endure the consequences. Tejo is to blame, according to Fateh. Tejo claims Fateh constantly blames her for everything. Tejo, according to Fateh, is to blame for ripping the divorce documents. They dispute and tell each other to shut up. Jasmine approaches the constable and claims that they mistakenly arrested her husband, Fateh Singh Virk. Fateh, the inspector jokes, has two wives. Jasmine demands that the inspector depart Fateh. The constable approaches Fateh and inquires if Tejo is his sole wife. Fateh confirms that she is Tejo Fateh Singh Virk. When Jasmine hears this, she decides to leave. Jasmine mentions Fateh referring to Tejo as his wife and wonders what she should do; she can’t allow them stay together. She decides to call Kushbeer, but changes her mind after remembering Kushbeer’s comments. She claims that Kusbeer will only save Tejo and would charge Fateh further. She is at a loss on what to do.

Fateh throws his handkerchief to the ground and invites Tejo to sit on it. Tejo hesitates for a moment, then sits on it. The drunkard sings and dances forcibly with Fateh. Tejo laughs when he sees this. Fateh is asked if he eloped with Tejo by the alcoholic. He goes on to tell that his wife eloped with someone else and sobs. Tejo brings him a glass of water. The drunken man passes out. Fateh inquires of Tejo as to what happened to her. Tejo claims that no one can tell by looking at this man that he is in misery, that the pain of betrayal is like that. She’s seen a lot in the short time she’s known him. She didn’t anticipate Fateh to have her spend a night in jail with him as well. She inquires as to what else he will show her. Fateh apologises to Tejo, claiming that he is powerless. She wonders where this powerlessness vanished when he brought her out on a night out. Fateh claims that Jasmine has not returned to his life. But Jasmine was in Tejo’s heart, he claims. Fateh claims he didn’t mean to injure her. Tejo claims that he used her, manipulated her emotions, and killed their relationship. This is expected because their relationship is based on deception. She is powerless to stop him once he has made his decision. Fateh claims that Tejo constantly told him to go on with his life and wonders why she doesn’t. He is not happy when he sees her in pain.


Amrit arrives at the police station. Jasmine expresses gratitude for his presence. Amrit explains that he has come to see Tejo. Amrit approaches the constable and expresses his want to speak with Fateh and Tejo, both of whom are innocent. The policeman informs him that the inspector is not at the station and invites him to return in the morning. Fateh requests that Tejo take a break. Tejo believes Gurpreet is up all night waiting for her son. Fateh admits that it is tough for him to avoid Gurpreet, yet he is unable to meet her. Tejo claims that they are both in pain and suggests that he go meet her. Fateh says he didn’t want to go back to that house.


Jasmine tells Amrit that he should forgive his friend. Amrit claims that he is mistaken in considering Jasmine to be a friend. She betrayed Tejo by having an affair with Fateh. He’s ashamed of himself for trusting Jasmine and behaving badly with Tejo. When Jasmine is incorrect, he misinterpreted Tejo. He turns and goes away. Tejo claims that he did not want to return home since his love for Jasmine is greater than his parents’ affection. Fateh claims that he will only return to this house with Jasmine, and that this will not happen unless she remains. Tejo claims that she is there for Kushbeer’s sake, and that Kushbeer will not let her leave. Kushbeer, according to Fateh, can stop her until Tejo becomes his wife; Kushbeer will have no rights to Tejo if she is not his wife.


Fateh is asleep in the morning, resting his head on Tejo’s shoulder. Tejo is the first to awaken and realises this. Fateh awakens and walks away. He apologises to Tejo. Tejo assures Fateh that everything would be OK and invites him to return to his residence. The inspector shows up. Amrit presents the inspector Fateh and Tejo’s marriage photo and certificate as proof. The constable reveals Jasmine and informs her that Fateh is her husband. The inspector inquires as to what is going on. Amrit claims that Jasmine is Tejo’s sister, which she must have said under duress. Jasmine agrees with a nod. Amrit requests that Jasmine wait outside. Amrit requests to be separated from Fateh and Tejo. The inspector inquires as to what they were doing in the lodge at the time. Amrit claims that they fled home following a quarrel and stayed in the lodge because they had nowhere else to go. He begs the inspector’s pardon. The inspector requests that Fateh and Tejo be released.


Fateh and Tejo leave the police station. Fateh expresses gratitude to Amrit. Jasmine hugs Fateh and says she was worried about him and didn’t know what to do, so she contacted Amrit. Sweety arrives and hands them the keys to a flat where they can stay till they leave for London. Jasmine invites Fateh to accompany her. Fateh said they won’t be able to get there and will instead return home. Gurpreet, according to Amrit, is not feeling well. Jasmine refuses to return to Virk’s house after being insulted there. Fateh asks Jasmine to help him comprehend the problem. Jasmine stipulates that she would not return unless she obtains Fateh’s wife status and Tejo becomes his wife. Tejo, according to Fateh, has agreed to divorce her. A Facebook post demonstrates. Tejo agrees to divorce Fateh and tells Kushbeer that she wants to go on with her life. FB has come to an end.