Udaariyaan 28th September 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Written Update for Udaariyaan on September 28, 2021 Fateh Tejo has been detained. When Fateh asks Jasmin to stay in a low-class lodging for a week until he can get some money, she refuses. Fateh is Gurpreet’s lifeline. She asks Tejo to return Fateh to her so she can take him home. Simran has already been lost to her, and she is afraid of losing him again. Fateh has done something bad, according to Mahi, but he should stay at home. She also asks Tejo to return Fateh to his home. Fateh and Jasmin have left the house, causing a rift in the family.

Tejo wants to deal with the issues right away by meeting Fateh and asking him to return home. Tejo meets Fateh at the resort ahead of time and shocks him. She tells Fateh that she is just living at the Virk house for the sake of the Virk family, not because of him. While Fateh is away, he begs her to be content with the Virk residence. Tejo urges him to accompany Jasmin back home. Gurpreet has promised her that she will bring Fateh back. She begs him not to say no. The cops barge in while they’re conversing.

Fateh and Tejo are perplexed as to how and why the cops entered. Inspector chastises them for reserving a shady hotel room and staying the night. Fateh informs the Inspector that Tejo is his wife, that they are married, and that they were only conversing. Tejo begs the cops to leave her alone.

The lady Inspector apprehends her and informs her that there is a raid underway to apprehend the wrongdoers. Inspector, Fateh begs you to believe him. Inspector claims that a husband and wife would not spend the night in such a location. He takes Tejo and Fateh into custody. Fateh is unable to provide any explanations. Jasmin hides beneath the table and watches as they are apprehended. This was not something she expected to happen. Jasmin refuses to help because she knows she will be detained as well. She is able to save herself. Fateh and Tejo are arrested and placed in a holding cell at the police station. They are embarrassed to be apprehended by the cops in such an unusual location. Will Khushbeer be able to save them? Continue reading.