Udaariyaan 25th September 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Written Update for Udaariyaan on September 25, 2021 Tejo has been fired. Tejo demonstrates to Jasmin that she has no place in Fateh’s life. Tejo dislikes injuring Jasmin, but she is also in a lot of pain due of her sister. She had no idea she would live to see this day. She had always supported Jasmin, believing her to be a child, but she now sees that Jasmin is really selfish in thinking only about herself. Jasmin has failed her as a daughter, sister, and lover, she regrets. Jasmin had failed their parents and their upbringing, she claims.

She regrets that Jasmin is causing so much pain in the family. Jasmin has no desire to be just another woman in Fateh’s life. She wants to leave the house and pack her belongings. She emotionally blackmails him by claiming that she would have preferred to die rather than live a life of shame. She expresses her dissatisfaction with being referred to as “another lady” in his first love’s life. She doesn’t want her feelings to be questioned. She is adamant about getting married. She tells him she can’t take any more of his insults.


He has no idea that she prepared the enormous snub by inviting Khurana and locked Tejo in the dressing room. He soothes her and feels bad that Jasmin is in such pain. She only wants to know his wife’s position in order to respond to Tejo. She accuses Tejo of disrespecting her when she was sacrificing her time by remaining backstage at the event. Fateh is duped by her phoney cries. She simply wants to win over Tejo, who has challenged her to kidnap Fateh. Jasmin grabs Fateh’s attention and asks him to divorce Tejo as soon as possible.

Tejo and Jasmin are unable to live together, Fateh understands. Gurpreet, the only person who understands his grief, offers him assistance. He encourages her to consider Tejo’s suffering, as it is difficult for Tejo to live in the same house as Jasmin. Despite his numerous errors, he desires happiness and love. If fate played with him, he doesn’t believe he is to blame. He believes Jasmin is sincere and has made many sacrifices for his love. He wants Tejo to leave the house merely to keep his life in order. He didn’t believe he’d lose his name or respect in this manner.

He persuades Gurpreet to support his feelings for Jasmin because his motives are good. He expresses his desire to avoid injuring Jasmin and Tejo. He entrusts her with the monumental task of persuading Khushbeer to free Tejo from their clutches. He assures Khushbeer that if she shows him that Tejo is in suffering, he would understand. He wants Gurpreet to send Tejo away and make his life easier. Gurpreet is hell-bent on achieving his happiness at all costs. She doesn’t give it any thought and agrees with him. Gurpreet informs Tejo that Khushbeer has brought her home by giving her a daughter; if he is anything like her father, Gurpreet will be her mother.

She wants Tejo to honour her word just as she did Khushbeer’s. Tejo is asked to leave the house so that she can honour her commitment. Tejo was taken aback when she made the unexpected request. The family is also taken aback, as Gurpreet and Biji had planned to reunite Fateh and Tejo previously. If it affects Gurpreet’s happiness, he doesn’t want to reveal Jasmin’s truth to Fateh. Tejo finds himself powerless to refuse Gurpreet’s request. Tejo notices that Jasmin has once again triggered Fateh. She knows Jasmin will never be able to be as good as her, so she leaves Jasmin with the misconception. Will Tejo be able to leave the house without Khushbeer’s help? Is Tejo going to be kicked out of the house? Will Jasmin’s nefarious scheme succeed once more? Continue reading while leaving your thoughts in the comments section.