Udaariyaan 23rd September 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Written Update for Udaariyaan on September 23, 2021 a new type of evil Jasmin kidnaps Tejo’s academy rights, not to prove herself or her ability, but to humiliate him. She’s enraged that Tejo has called off the divorce for personal reasons that she doesn’t comprehend. Jasmin is curious as to what Tejo wants and why she tore the divorce papers after signing them in front of the whole family. Tejo had a crush on Fateh, but he was forced to marry him. For all intents and purposes, she is still his wife.

She has postponed the divorce in order to await the day when his eyes are opened to Jasmin’s truth. She is willing to divorce him if he regrets and repents for his egotistical love. Fateh has been expelled from Tejo’s heart. Only Jasmin believes Tejo is still trying to reclaim Fateh. Jasmin turns this into a fight and believes that everything should be done fairly. She intends to sabotage Tejo’s goodwill at the award ceremony, when Fateh is set to win a significant accolade. For her exercise plan, Jasmin wants Tejo to attend the prize ceremony at all costs.

After Simran’s chapter, Jasmin reveals her hidden plan to turn Fateh and the entire family against Tejo. Jasmin intends to make Tejo appear in front of everyone at the same time. She prepares to persuade Tejo to join Fateh at the celebration. Tejo ultimately accepts to play Fateh’s wife in the event. Fateh appreciates Tejo’s patience and willingness to accompany him as his wife in order to maintain his family’s respect. Jasmin is oblivious to their growing intimacy. Fateh, Tejo, and the rest of the family arrive for the event, where Fateh is honoured for his contributions.

The minister requests that Fateh contact his wife, who has been instrumental in Fateh’s success at the institution. Tejo is dispatched by Jasmin to locate the banners in the storehouse. While Tejo searches for the flags, Jasmin locks her up. When the announcement for Tejo is made on stage, she becomes locked. Tejo feels helpless because she is unable to access the location. Jasmin grins as she walks up to the stage to take her place as Fateh’s bride. Will Tejo arrive in time, thwarting Jasmin’s plans? What fresh atrocity does Jasmin have in mind? Continue reading.