Udaariyaan 22nd September 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Udaariyaan 22nd September 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Written Update for Udaariyaan on September 22, 2021 The truth about Jasmin Tejo is chastised by Khushbeer for lying about Simran. When Jasmin sees Khushbeer scolding Tejo, she sets up a scene. She questions Tejo about why she kept Simran a secret. Fateh asks Jasmin to put an end to it. If the truth hadn’t come out, Jasmin claims, the family would have viewed Tejo as the best bahu. Fateh takes out his rage on Jasmin. He requests that she not mention anything negative about Tejo. She is irritated by his defence of Tejo. She accuses Tejo of lying to him about Buzo and Simran once more.

She urges him to chastise Tejo for lying about Simran so much. He wishes he hadn’t believed his own eyes. He’d just seen Tejo and Buzo together and assumed the worst about them because he was doing the same thing. He is embarrassed because he has doubts about his wife’s character. He condemns himself for making such a massive blunder in front of his own eyes. Fateh regrets having misjudged Tejo. He is remorseful for his shady mindset. He understands that what appears to be true might also be a falsehood.

He didn’t bother to look for the truth; all he wanted was to pin the blame on Tejo in order to absolve himself of his guilt. He was having an affair with Jasmin and believed it would be a simple way to accuse Tejo of having a relationship with her. He learns that he was making Tejo fall in front of the family to hide his error. He weeps because he feels guilty. He is asked not to feel guilty by Jasmin.

As a result, Fateh sees his error. Fateh and Jasmin’s talk is overheard by Tejo and Mahi. Fateh regrets suspecting someone as decent as Tejo. He lacks the confidence to look Tejo in the eyes. Tejo is aware that his eyes would soon open, allowing him to see Jasmin’s reality. She doesn’t believe his humanity and goodness are important until he recognises his mistake in believing Jasmin. Fateh is once again on Tejo’s side, which enrages Jasmin. She doesn’t want their marriage to have a second chance.

Fateh reappears in Jasmin’s remarks when she requests that he keep Tejo away from the academy. She doesn’t want Tejo to have too much power in the family or at the academy. Jasmin’s suggestion is accepted by Fateh. Instead of Tejo, who is best suited at home, he informs Khushbeer that he would want Jasmin to join him and assist him in the academy job. Khushbeer is opposed to Fateh, but he has no choice than to consent. When Jasmin fails to open the gate lock with her key, Tejo learns of this surprising occurrence. Jasmin informs her that her key will not open the lock since both the key and the lock have been replaced.

Fateh has decided to keep her out of the academy, she tells Tejo. She explains that she has decided to work at the academy alongside Fateh. Tejo is asked to return home and take care of the family. Tejo wonders if Fateh is aware of the situation. Jasmin informs her that Fateh made the decision and that he has informed the family as well. Tejo is taken aback. When will Jasmin’s secret be revealed? Continue reading.