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Udaariyaan 21st September 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Drama at its peak Tejo offers a fitting response to Fateh when she suspects him of being her. Tejo declares that he’ll regret the mistakes he made and she’ll be waiting until the day comes to witness his tears. She would like to be able to see his tears of regret. Fateh’s mood is ruined by the influence her relationship with Tejo when he plans a sweet surprise for Jasmin. He was unaware that she would call Buzo home, causing him to be jealous. He’s doing something wrong to her, yet he gets angry when he discovers she is in a relationship with someone. Although he is not entitled to be angry at her, even though she has a connection to anyone, he behaves as a controlling, domineering husband, in order to show his members of the family the family that Tejo is also being a cheater.

He would like to prove to his family members that Tejo isn’t just a faithful wife she is a fraud that is fooling everyone. He believes that his relationship to his loved ones will become better when he proves Tejo in error. In Fateh’s words, Gurpreet is the one who comes to her as she discovers Tejo in a relationship with Buzo. Gurpreet as well as Fateh is the sole two to are suspicious of Tejo and her family, and Khushbeer and her family are convinced of Tejo’s character and good conduct. Fateh causes the unnecessary drama to confront Tejo about her alleged affair. He leaves Tejo in shock by his filthy remarks. Tejo is in shame by his behavior.

Buzo isn’t sure what to tell his son about Simran. Fateh would like Tejo to speak up for her and the whole family. He demands Tejo to speak out when she feels righteous. Simran’s time in the pind isn’t disclosed to the entire family. Simran’s true story is discovered by Buzo as well as Tejo. No one in the Virk family members could have imagined Simran being there in to protect Tejo. This is a complete shocking event for the family. Is it really Simran or another person? The next chapter will show Fateh’s repentance toward Tejo for his mistakes. It’s worth watching to see Fateh’s heart turning toward Tejo’s goodness as Jasmin is determined to help Tejo’s hands. Follow the story to find out the most dramatic episode to come.


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