Udaariyaan 1st October 2021 Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

1st October 2021 Udaariyaan Written Update The plot thickens. Tejo’s decision to quit her marriage for the sake of Fateh and his family’s tranquilly is a difficult one. Fateh’s feelings don’t bother or disturb Jasmin. Tejo is also unappreciated by her. Jasmin just considers herself.

Tejo is blessed by the Virk family, who worked tirelessly to reconcile Tejo and Fateh. They intended to secure her happiness, but they were unable to provide her with a happy marriage. Tejo is grateful for their love and respect, as well as their encouragement. Fateh’s support from his family is dwindling. Jasmin, he still believes, has made sacrifices for his love. He still thinks of Jasmin as a kind person.

Fateh does not want Tejo’s and his name to be tarnished in court as a result of Jasmin’s actions. He wants a divorce that is amicable and without a lot of turmoil. Jasmin is overjoyed that Fateh would be rid of his uncomfortable relationship with Tejo. She cracks a big smile, while Tejo and Fateh regret their ending relationship.

Tejo doesn’t think she should cry over something she’s already mourned; she doesn’t want her grief to become a barrier to Fateh’s progress. It’s a lovely scene. Fateh and Tejo’s realistically sad emotions melt the heart.

Tejo wants the divorce would end, but he is unable to do so. She’s resolved to release Fateh, but she’s hoping for a miracle. Gurpreet is also aware of her self-sacrifice. She is also saddened by Fateh and Tejo’s divorce. Fateh informs the judge that he has made numerous mistakes and that he does not want his wife to be punished. He claims that he wants Tejo to be free of the undesirable relationship.

The judge advises them to find out if their relationship has any hope remaining. She inquires as to the basis for Tejo’s divorce. Tejo bemoans the fact that their love has perished, and she demands a divorce. The judge inquires about the families’ desires. Khushbeer expresses his opposition to the divorce. He wants the judge to rescind their divorce and give them another chance to keep their marriage together.

Rupy and Satti also express their desire for Tejo’s happiness, which they believe is in Fateh. They also want to put an end to the divorce proceedings. The judge’s judgement is influenced by the views of the families. Every marriage, according to the judge, is deserving of a second opportunity. She tells Tejo, Fateh, and their families about her decision, and Jasmin is taken aback. What decision has been made? Please leave your thoughts in the box below. Continue reading.