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Udaariyaan 17th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Udaariyaan 17th Sept. 2021 Update on Written Jasmin was caught Tejo struggling to dress and get her clothes picked due to Jasmin who did not leave her alone. Tejo feels her pain with her family. They are both embarrassed by Jasmin’s actions. Jasmin goes crazy trying to get revenge on Tejo as if Tejo is a complete stranger to her. She doesn’t value or respect blood relationships. Jasmin isn’t a fan of Tejo or any other person. She hears her parents’ sorrow about her presence in the Virk home. She is determined to be just Fateh.

Jasmin remains in her joyful world, believing that Tejo will soon be leaving the house. She is waiting for the celebrations to be over to let Rupy and Satti can take Tejo home. Tejo remains as strong like ever. She isn’t letting Jasmin harm her feelings as she did before. Tejo decides to discover the reason and how Jasmin cause damage to her room. Tejo is shocked to witness Jasmin’s wicked face. She can see Jasmin’s evil thoughts and the meaning hidden of her actions. She quits Jasmin with warning.

Jasmin isn’t convinced that Tejo, Fateh or anyone will be able to guess her strategy. She is certain. Fateh discovers the issue that is being faced by Tejo. He is unaware that Jasmin is the one responsible for the situation. Tejo and Jasmin are in a heated argument. Tejo would like peace in the home. She is wondering whether Jasmin is plotting the nefarious plot to annoy her. Tejo is packing her bags for the trip out.

Jasmin insists to transform the room completely She’ll change the walls and the color. She says goodbye to Tejo. She is relieved to see Tejo departing with his parents. Tejo departs from the house and Jasmin is in Tejo’s room to get rid of the dead rats from the AC duct. Jasmin is caught red-handed with the dead rodent. Fateh will learn about Jasmin’s scheme after the revelation that was made by Tejo to expose Jasmin’s lies. Jasmin’s deeds become known in the aftermath of the Visarjan. What will Fateh take on Jasmin and be aware that she is in error? Will he stand for truth and will he stand with Tejo the next time? What will Simran’s story come out before Fateh and his family? Continue going.

Udaariyaan 17th September 2021 Written Update Jasmin caught:

Mahi is asking Tejo to dress herself and she keeps her a new dress it was given by Biji. Tejo acknowledges Mahi. Tejo is dressed in a stunning look and is glam. She is invited to the family for the puja. Biji invites Fateh as well as Tejo to perform the aarti in a group. Jasmin blocks Fateh in front of all the others, making him belittle Biji. Biji says that divorce hasn’t happened but he’s still Tejo’s spouse, and he will continue to perform the Aarti along with the wife. Fateh is Biji’s keeper. He sings the aarti along with Tejo.

The family concludes the Visarjan of Ganpati, and then concludes the final prayers by using Tejo’s hands. Tejo falls and spills dairy on her saree. Nimmo reminds the family members that Fateh had a snide comment on Tejo while she was wearing the saree. However, due to destiny, Jasmin got insulted. Jasmin apologizes to Tejo for being rude and ruining her saree. Fateh does not want drama. He requests Jasmin to leave and change. The family wants Fateh and Tejo be reunited. Tejo recognizes the plan of Jasmin when she spots the Ganesh’s Rat.

She devises plans to expose Jasmin’s lies. Jasmin requests Tejo to leave and never return. She promises to make everything better. Tejo says they will examine what changes are made and what is will not. She greets the entire family and says goodbye to them. Jasmin will ensure that Tejo will never return. Tejo goes away at the home of her parents. She is upset. She remembers Bebe giving them a tale during her childhood, of the story of a family being troubled by a neighbor with a dead rodent. Tejo would like to go home to take Jasmin in a red-handed manner. Jasmin returns into Fateh and Tejo’s bedroom to take the dead rat out of the AC pipe. Her sly move is caught by Tejo.

Tejo is scolding Jasmin for going to this point to force her to leave the home. Jasmin pretends to have been looking for the source that the smell. She pretends to have discovered the dead rats. She claims that she was helping Tejo. Tejo doesn’t believe her. She is able to drag Jasmin out to her family. She exposes Jasmin’s plot against her. Tejo informs her family members they are right that Jasmin is the reason behind the smell. She had placed the dead rat in the room. She claims that Jasmin as worse than the dead rats. Jasmin is adamant about the accusations. She says she’d been there to assist Tejo.

Tejo asks her how she discover the rat, when the cleaners couldn’t find it. She is scolds Jasmin. She informs them that Jasmin was the one who placed the dead rat into the AC pipe. She demands to know the factual information from Jasmin. Fateh arrives to inquire about the truth. Jasmin is in need of his help. She tells him she was there to assist Tejo however, Tejo is accusing her of concealing the dead rat. She explains her that Tejo has been accusing her of no reason. Tejo says that she is aware of Jasmin well, and she used this tactic to force her to go out of the room. The family is convinced Tejo.

Jasmin is badly caught. She begs Fateh to be a believer. Khushbeer requests Jasmin to stop talking about herself. Fateh defends Jasmin. He is asked by Tejo whether she has evidence. Tejo says that she is familiar with her sister, Jasmin got this idea from the story of Bebe’s childhood. Jasmin conceals herself behind Fateh every time she is stuck in a situation. Tejo requests her to reveal her true self to the familyinstead of being hidden behind Fateh. Keep an eye out for more.


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