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Udaariyaan 15th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Jasmin says to Fateh that this is the most excellent gift from him she is curious about Tejo’s next steps following this divorce. She informs him that she’s very happy Tejo is no longer with Tejo today. She isn’t looking to be blamed for stealing the husband of her sibling. She’s happy that Fateh isn’t a husband anymore. Fateh is shaken by the grief of his marriage falling apart at his own actions. He weeps in despair as Tejo is also in suffering. Jasmin delights in seeing the divorce papers that have been signed by both parties. She would like Fateh to file the divorce papers shortly and to complete the formalities.

Tejo and Fateh are both feeling a break in their heart. Gurpreet is so hurt by the fact that Fateh is hurting her heart as Simran. Nimmo consoles her. Jasmin is happy with Sweety. She shares that Fateh divorced Tejo. She has dreams of a marriage with Fateh. She says she would like to celebrate her marriage. Dada isn’t sure how the family allowed this to happen in their absence. He wishes that someone would stop Tejo. The family believes it’s better to not stop Tejo because Fateh does not want to live with them.

Jasmin is looking forward to shopping. She is just thinking about her. Fateh states that since so much is going on, but he’s not able to join her. Khushbeer says that Tejo’s life could be in danger when she is given the divorce tag. He says Tejo has been a signer on the papers and divorce did not occur. He believes that they’ll have a the chance to show Fateh to understand that Jasmin isn’t right for him. The family would like to convince Fateh admit his error. Jasmin waits for Sweety at the market to go shopping. Rupy and Satti will meet her thanks to Sweety’s assistance.

Jasmin does not want to speak to them. Rupy isn’t willing to let her go. Jasmin becomes rude and infuriates Tejo who placed her shadow on her happiness. Rupy wants her to be removed her place in Fateh’s family. Jasmin does not listen to the two. Rupy informs her she believes that Fateh was Tejo’s spouse. Jasmin informs him that Tejo had planned to steal her lover, Tejo didn’t need to marry Fateh She didn’t even need to stand in between them. Rupy says that the family has persuaded Tejo to get married. Jasmin demands that they take on the consequences of their choice If they had forced the wedding upon Fateh as well as Tejo. She exclaims with pride that Fateh simply loves her.

Satti warns her to not spit poison on her sister. Jasmin requests them to bring Tejo to her home, or else she’ll have Tejo exiled from the Virk home. She is not afraid of anyone. She says she’s going to get Fateh regardless of the cost and she isn’t a fan of Tejo. Rupy gives her an unintentionally slap she so rightly deserves. She is furious and goes home to put her bags in order to move the room from Tejo’s to her room. She informs Tejo that she does not want Fateh get to look at Tejo’s faces. She makes fun of Tejo with rage.

Tejo is tolerant of her behavior up to the point of a halt, but responds to her. She informs Jasmin she was a lover of Fateh and Jasmin prior to that and had helped her, but she’ll reflect on her life in the present. Jasmin requests that she not take the things that don’t belongs to her. Tejo would like Jasmin had understood what she was saying.


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