Udaariyaan 11th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

Udariyaan 11th Sept 2021 Written Update Tejo is back. Khushbeer asks her to return home as his daughter and not as Fateh or the family’s Bahu. He informs her that his relations have changed and he has accepted her as a daughter. Tejo refuses to accept his offer of a return home. Tejo cannot return to the house where she could recall Fateh’s memories and her memories. Khushbeer refuses to let Tejo return home. Khushbeer informs her that she can return whenever she chooses, as he has expelled Fateh from the house.

He goes home to inform his family about Tejo’s refusal. He is very hurt that Fateh didn’t stop for Gurpreet’s sake. To shock everyone, Fateh returns home with Jasmin. Fateh has no place to take Jasmin when she’s in an injured condition. He informs Jasmin’s family that Jasmin is not ready to be accepted by her family and they don’t have any other options. Khushbeer requests Fateh to travel anywhere to let Jasmin experience anything. When Fateh tells him about Jasmin’s death, which was an accident, he doesn’t hesitate to say so.

Jasmin and Fateh’s dramatic entry earns them a spot in the house. Khushbeer is unhappy with their stay, and Gurpreet wants Fateh to be happy. Khushbeer sympathizes to Tejo. Fateh takes care of Jasmin, as she has no other family members. Due to tensions within the family, Fateh’s Dadi/Biji has a heart attack. Mahi informs Tejo of Biji’s serious condition. Tejo is forced to go back to Virk to care for Biji, whom she loves so much. There, Tejo meets Fateh (and Jasmin), who don’t seem to be happy to have her back. What will happen when Tejo returns? Continue reading.