Udaariyaan 10th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Twist

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Udaariyaan 9th Sept 2021 Written Update. In an insane twist, Tejo asks Jasmin for the truth. Fateh’s family is stunned to hear about Jasmin and Fateh’s relationship. Tejo informs them that Fateh’s and Jasmins relationship never ended. They had lied to each other and kept meeting. She tells them how she caught them at a party as married couples. She adds that Fateh had planned to marry Jasmin and applied for a visa. Rupy punishes Fateh after cheating Tejo.

Abhiraj also reproaches him for ruining Tejo’s life. Tejo says that she wasn’t in Fateh’s life and that it was a lie. Jasmin is the truth. She regrets that her brother is her husband’s lover. Gurpreet requests Tejo to only deny the truth one time. Tejo says that Jasmin and Fateh cheated her. Tejo’s family is told by Fateh that he is sorry and that he must stop Tejo taking a wrong turn. He rushes to his home.

Khushbeer is told by Tejo that she believes Khushbeer’s suspicions because she has witnessed the truth. Amrik wants Jasmin tell the truth. Tejo says Jasmin is a big lie. Tejo requests Jasmin to stay as long as she wishes with Fateh. Jasmin gives Fateh away to her.

Fateh comes home to stop Tejo. He asks Tejo to reveal to his family how she backstabbed him through her affair with Buzo. Fateh asks her about her character. Buzo also attends and is shocked by Fateh’s dark mindset. He recalls all the lies Tejo had told him. He refuses to let Buzo speak. Tejo informs Fateh it is a big lie and she is not lying. Fateh confronts Tejo about Urvashi, her college friend.

Tejo is speechless when she cannot reveal about Simran. That would also make Khushbeer against Tejo. Although she doesn’t want her feelings hurt by speaking the truth, she is forced to reveal about Simran’s and Buzo’s relationship. Tejo tries to be a good person. Khushbeer stands up for Tejo. Angrily, he slaps his son because he has lowered his standards so low to conceal his affair. Fateh makes a grave mistake by questioning Tejo’s character. He regrets telling his family about Buzo’s and Tejo’s affairs, but that is only his misinterpretation. Fateh, Jasmin and Tejo turn their family against each other. Will Tejo tell the truth about Simran, and prove Fateh wrong. Continue reading.