Top 10 Best Slate Pencil Brands in India [ 2021 ]

Slate pencils are loved by most designers and artists for their wonderful texture, smoothness, durability, and is very easy to use. It can be used as a part of exercises that is usually done on the blackboard.

Most people prefer using slate pencils because it gives them a perfect grip to work on their project. As a result, you can find slate pencils of different brands in India which have a very good quality and they provide comparatively more service life than other normal ordinary graphite pencils.

The pencil is designed to reduce the strain of writing, thereby increasing comfort level while writing. Apart from it, it provides an overall grip to the user.

Here are some of the best slate pencil brands in India that give you a fantastic writing experience are listed below-

1)Sharpie Pencils  –

The brand is very popular for its amazing features which include long-lasting and smooth texture. It comes in different shades and can be used as a permanent marker.

The brand is popular for its amazing features which include long-lasting and smooth texture. It comes in different shades and can be used as a permanent marker.

2) PaperMate Rumba Pencils  –

This brand gives you an exceptional writing experience, with its perfect grip to it. It provides smudge-free writing and provides a very smooth texture while writing.

3)Colorit Pencils  –

Colorit pencils are known for its amazing features including high-quality graphite, strong and long-lasting lead. They provide one of the best gripping experiences by offering their user a variety of colors in which you can choose from according to your preference.

5)S.Star Pencils  –

They are best known for their strong lead features and comfortable grip to its user. S Star pencils come in different colors including pink, blue, green, red, etc.

6)Nataraj Pencils  – The brand is popular among children due to its metallic design and easy grip. It comes in a variety of colors along with an eraser to its users which can be easily attached to it for a smoother writing experience.

7)Alvin Draftmate Pencils  – If you are looking for the best slate pencils brand, then this brand has one of the special features that include anodized body and color bonded lead.

8)Koh-I-Noor Pencils  – Made with the finest quality materials, the Koh I Noor pencil is one of the best slate pencil brands available in India. It provides their user smooth writing experience along with a smudger which is attached to it for better use.

9)Faber Castel Pencils  – It is known for its quality graphite which gives you an exceptional writing experience along with improved core strength. Their attractive design makes them very popular among its users.

10)Staedtler Noris Pencils  – Staedtler pencils are made up of good quality materials and provide long-lasting service to its user. Apart from that, it comes in different colors and provides a smooth texture for a better writing experience.

Things to know before buying a slate pencil :

1) The lead strength: Although the strength of the lead does not affect your writing experience, it decides that how long you can use them. So, if you are looking forward to buying a slate pencil make sure you check its lead and choose according to your priorities and requirements.

2)Grip: Grip is very important while buying a slate pencil. You should buy a pencil which provides you with a good grip on your hand and a comfortable experience while writing on it.

3)Brand: Before buying a brand make sure you look out for reviews of the company about their product quality, performance and after-sales services. It will give you an idea that whether the brand is good or not and you can make your decision accordingly.

4)Price: Price is another factor to consider while buying slate pencils as it will help you out in comparing different brands with each other and choosing the best one according to your budget.

So, before buying a slate pencil make sure you buy the right one which fulfills all your requirements. You can compare different brands available and choose the best suitable one according to your preference.