50+ Quotes to Thanks to God for the Beautiful and Faith-Filled Family

The family is our greatest safe haven, as it is there that we are educated and raised for the world. To have a strong relationship base it is necessary to always have the Lord’s presence in the homes. How about expressing all your love and gratitude? Read these phrases of thanks to God for the family and send it to everyone!

Quotes of thanks to God for the family to send to everyone you love

#. Thank you, God, for taking such care of me and my family.

#. Thank you, Lord, for my family, for my work and, above all, for the life you gave me.

#. Give the Lord, O families of nations, give the Lord glory and strength!

#. I thank You, Father, for another day with my dear family.

#. It was this boy I asked for, and the Lord granted the request.

#. I thank my God every time I remember you.

#. Thanks to Father for another blessed family day.

#. Children’s children are a crown to the elderly, and parents are their children’s pride.

#. Children are an inheritance from the Lord, a reward he gives. Like arrows in the warrior’s hands are children born in youth. How happy is the man who has his quiver full of them! You will not be humiliated when you face your enemies in court.

#. May God always guide our family with his infinite wisdom.

#. Dear God, this time I don’t want to ask, I just want to say thanks for the beautiful family I have!

#. Thank you for the achievements my family has been achieving in Your name.

#. Your family is God’s dream for you. If He has entrusted you with a family, love, honor and care!

#. The family is God’s most beautiful project!

#. My family is a precious asset, shielded by God, protected by angels and covered by the Holy Spirit.

#. Lord, come into my house and fill my life and that of my family with Your blessings and Your protection. Amen!

#. Lord, today I want to ask you to be present in my house, mine and in the lives of each of my family members. May your blessing and protection be with us always.

#. My family is happy because it is in God’s hands!

#. God, take care of my house and my family. Do for them what I cannot do, keep us in Your love. Amen!

#. Thank you, my Lord, for the family you gave me!

#. A family that fears and obeys God is a happy family.

#. Thank you, Lord, for being the foundation of my family.

#. God was very good when he gave me my family, because without them I would be nothing.

#. How did God know that among so many families, this was the one I wanted?

#. A family is the most beautiful plan God can give us. So always be grateful for yours.

#. I never tire of thanking God for each member of my family, as they were the ones who put me on the path of the Lord.

#. A family that prays and thanks together stays together.

#. Fortify, Lord, my home and always fill it with your blessing and your presence.

#. The Lord has given me so much and my family is the greatest proof of that.

#. The beautiful family I built was thanks to my Lord. For that, I will be eternally grateful.

#. Thank you, my Lord, for all you do for me. Thanks in particular for the wonderful family I have!

#. It was God who gave you to me so that we could build a beautiful family together.

#. Without my family I would be nothing. God is really good!

#. God blessed this union from the beginning, for He knew the fruit would be a strong and happy family.

#. Every day I pray and thank the Lord for the family He has given me. Each relative is a different safe haven.

#. God speaks to me through every member of my family. I am so grateful for that!

#. Thank you, God, for the faith-filled family you’ve given me. May it always be like this. Amen!

#. From my parents to my children: I always thank God for these wonderful people who are always by my side.

#. How happy and grateful I am to have such a happy and blessed family of the Lord!

#. Always remember to thank God for your family, as they are your ground and your greatest guide.

#. My family is the greatest manifestation of God in my life, as it is my safe haven that always puts me back in the footsteps of the Lord.

#. Thank and praise the Lord for the light-filled family I have!

#. Always be grateful for the blessed family you have. After all, she created you.

#. How wonderful God is! He gives us exactly the family we need.

#. Despite all the fights and disagreements, I am so grateful for my family. Because I know that she is a gift from God in my life, a project of sanctification and edification that reveals to us the face of His love.

#. The family is God’s divine plan for us to grow and learn together.

#. I feel the presence of God every day in my home, among my family. And that fills my heart with love and gratitude.

#. Being in the comfort of home, surrounded by the one I love is the true peace of God.

#. My parents, my brothers, my uncles, my cousins, my children and the love of my life: each one is a gift from God!

#. In all my prayers, I include my family, as they are my greatest treasure.