Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 23rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist.

Someone approaches Jogi while he sits alone in the beginning of the episode. He thinks it’s Mahi. He advises her not to bother him since he prefers to be alone. Someone covers his head with a cloth and transports him to Tabela. He yells. Jogi is taken aback when he sees some dancers, including Avneet, dressed as dancers. Avneet dances with the dancers to the Dilbar song. Jogi sits motionless as she approaches him.

Mahi searches for Jogi and is taken aback by Avneet’s performance. She tries to stop her, but the guards refuse to let her in. Rupa and Biji are concerned about Jogi, so Mahi contacts them. She takes them to Tabela and demonstrates it to them. Avneet is dancing in front of Jogi and standing near to him. Rupa, she asks, won’t she chastise Avneet now for her actions? Rupa screams angrily and separates Jogi and Avneet.

Avneet is taken aback when she hits her. Rupa explains what she is trying to prove to Jogi by doing this. Avneet claims that she is performing in this manner because she wants Jogi to feel the urge to sing item numbers. Rupa has stated that she will not tolerate such low-cost activities. Avneet imagines that by chopping off Rupa’s fingers, she is injuring her. Her face is smeared with blood. Rupa slaps Avneet again, bringing him back to reality. Avneet is told by Mahi not to do it again. Avneet exits and enters her room.

Avneet becomes enraged and pulls out a knife. She uses it to inflict pain on her own fingers as an outlet for her rage. She remembers her father’s admonition and comes to a halt. Rupa assures everyone that Jogi will not be forced to become a superstar at this time. Today, Avneet went outside her comfort zone. Jogi, according to Mahi, will be a superstar singer when he feels like it, not when Avneet wants him to be. Rupa, according to Jogi, should not have behaved in this manner. Why did she slap Avneet? Avneet treats them like family and has done so much for them, but she has been insulted in return. Rupa has insulted her after being insulted by Akash, Mahi, and now Rupa. Jogi approaches Avneet for a conversation. Mahi refers to her as insane.

Jogi walks inside Avneet’s room and picks up Arjun’s phone call. Arjun refers to Jogi as a loser who is useless. Avneet squandered her 50 lakhs on that scumbag. Jogi is taken aback. When Avneet sees him, she stops the call, and Jogi asks how she could betray him like way. He drives her to the town hall. Avneet is worried that Jogi may reveal her right now.

Avneet, according to Jogi, surprised him. Everyone is taken aback. Jogi claims that she is not only a friend of his, but that she has also done the unthinkable. She believed in his abilities and invested 50 lakhs; Arjun did not invest any money for him, but Avneet did. Mahi questions why she lied to Jogi and did that. Jogi claims that Avneet has faith in him and that he will not let her down. He’ll perform an item song and follow the Director’s instructions.

Avneet claims that going against his will is unnecessary, but Jogi claims that he is being a faithful friend. He goes on to say that Avneet will make all of his career decisions for him and that no one will question her. Hearing that, Mahi is taken aback.