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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 22nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist.

Avneet begins the episode by telling Mahi that she must leave Jogi. She warns Chanda not to compare herself to her. You bothered Jogi, but I adore him. My sincere love is not motivated by self-interest.

Jogi tries to compose a tune but throws away chits. Avneet picks it up and attempts to assist him, but he orders her out of his room, claiming that if she gives her opinion, he won’t be able to concentrate properly. He shuts the door, and Chanda mocks Avneet, stating Jogi doesn’t value her. Avneet is irritated.

Mahi prepares milk for Jogi and informs Renu that Jogi is stressed while working on the song. Renu claims she was wrong in her assumption that Jogi no longer loves Mahi, but Jogi demonstrated today that he actually cares for Mahi, and Avneet is unable to separate them. But, as Mahi points out, Jogi is suffering as a result of her and Avneet.

Renu advises Mahi not to overthink things. Avneet scares Renu with a knife after Mahi departs. Renu is unconcerned. She informs Avneet that she is smarter than her and that she doesn’t fear her. Mahi forgave her for her past transgressions, which she appreciates. She is now willing to go to any length to save Jogi and Mahi’s romance. She has the ability to murder anyone who tries to separate them. Avneet is intrigued by Renu’s confidence and wonders what she did in the past.

Jogi warns Mahi not to bother him when she gives him milk. When Mahi opens the window, the wind rushes in. She reorganises her belongings in the room and goes to work. Jogi stares her down and prevents her from going. He becomes romantic and begins to sing a song. Jogi follows Mahi as she becomes shy.

Avneet is irritated by their presence, while Renu relishes the scene. Jogi takes Mahi into the air, and the two share a tender moment. Avneet is envious. Jogi informs Avneet that the director is on his way. His song is finished. Avneet compliments Jogi, who responds that all credit belongs to Mahi because she came into his room and he instantly sung when he saw her. Avneet dials Arjun’s number.

The director examines Jogi’s song lyrics and exclaims, “What a joke.” He claims that such love music is no longer heard. Arijit and Sonu sing well in such tunes, but singers like Jogi do not. How can he belittle Jogi’s talent like this, Mahi says? Avneet approaches the director and inquires about the type of song he requires. Jogi should sing an item song, according to the director, and it will be unique because no male artist has ever performed one.

Avneet agrees and tells Arjun that Jogi would do admirably in the item song. The director has departed. Jogi feels better after eating Mahi. Avneet tells Jogi that she didn’t ask his permission before saying yes to the director, but the contract says they don’t have a choice. Jogi says he will return Arjun’s money, but he will not sing such songs. He won’t be able to put his heart and soul into it. Avneet disagrees to Mahi’s support for Jogi.

Avneet wonders how Mahi might help Jogi in this situation. Jogi should not quit up so easily due to a single rejection. In the future, he will have to deal with numerous challenges. Avneet is told by Mahi not to pressurise Jogi. They will repay Arjun’s money if Jogi requests it. Rupa backs Mahi, claiming that the director embarrassed Jogi in front of her. She is oblivious to Jogi’s suffering. She holds Mahi and Avneet responsible for Jogi’s unhappiness. Avneet is the focus of Mahi’s attention.


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