Top 15 Small Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers

If you were to ask a mechanical engineer what the top 17 business ideas for mechanical engineers would be, he or she would answer, “When you are looking for a part-time income as a mechanical engineer.”.

Most mechanical engineers have an entrepreneurial spirit, as engineering is a field that is huge. Others, such as mechanical engineers, establish their own businesses rather than waiting for employment from a company.

Some of the mechanical engineers also try to put their hands in many other fields in which they are most comfortable. Mechanical engineering is actually a field where most people can make money very comfortably by starting their own business in almost no time.

Most of the stuff we use in our daily life is or was created by mechanical engineers, from cars to heating appliances and air conditioner systems, from switches off lights to many other household appliances.

There are a lot of different options available to mechanical engineers, and starting your own small business doesn’t require much capital.

In spite of your talent and your well-crafted business plan, you must still conduct some research to help you decide whether your business is viable.

As a mechanical engineer, you can find opportunities in many fields including household, fashion, agriculture, as well as entertainment. You will be able to make a lot of money with the help of mechanical engineering since there is a vast number of opportunities that are related to mechanical engineering that will help you learn.

Nuts and Bolts Manufacturing Business

The manufacturing of nuts and bolts can be a profitable business that you can start. In order to work with any type of machine, you will need nuts and bolts of different types, and this is a type of business that is very profitable and in demand at the same time.

In this field, good business which is profitable is also possible if you successfully make contacts in this field.

Car modification

You may want to start your own car modification business if you are good at new idea generation. You can offer different types of customization for your customers’ cars if you follow this business model. In order to succeed in this business, you must make sure that you provide your customers with great modifications.

Auto Parts Retail

Starting a business of supplying auto parts is a very lucrative business. You can also do iIt is possible for you to offer auto parts at a more cost-effective rate than the companies do, so that you can make a great living out of out of it.

Fitness equipment manufacturing

Fitness is becoming increasingly popular among people these days and if you wish to become a fitness instructor, you can set up a business that provides fitness equipment to your clients, which is a profitable business. If you want, you can sell the fitness equipment wholesale as well as open your own store where you can sell the fitness equipment to customers.

Security Agency

Providing clients with security guards is one way to start your own agency. A company can provide jobs to people as well as make it easier for them to get work. Bigger firms are often looking for security guards.

You have a great business opportunity there, if you take the margins between these and run it well.

Security System business

You can open a business providing security systems such as cameras and different types of equipment such as door locks, door speakers and many other items related to security.

It is becoming increasingly common for people to install security equipment in their homes and shops, which means a good business opportunity exists.

Tuition Business

In some of the subjects which mechanical engineering students are weak in, they may need tutoring from time to time for some of the subjects in which they are tasked with. You can provide both the home tuition as well as open a coaching center.

If you have the ability to explain things well, you can earn a lot of money from this business.

Electrical generator business

You can start a business of electrical generators if you live in an area with a lot of problems with electricity. Other areas where electricity is available 24/7 can also be considered, but you will need to make contacts as the majority of these generators go to more established companies.

In the event that your business is successful in increasing the number of sales, it is a profitable one.

Two-wheeler repair shop

Almost every household in the world has a two-wheeler, and it is obvious that these will need maintenance from time to time. Your business could be providing services to the owners of two-wheelers as well as providing maintenance services.

Moreover, this is a very profitable business that can make you a lot of money.

Shipping Company

Shipping services are needed by many companies, and you can help them by offering them the shipping services they need. In order to be successful in carrying out this type of service, you will have to have manpower available to you, and if you are successful, then you can make a lot of money in it.

Prepaid electric meter business

There are different types of offices, as well as small businesses like rental properties, that need to provide their tenants with prepaid electric meters so they do not have to recharging the electricity and taking the amount from their tenants every time they need to pay bills.

The renters will be relieved of some burden and you will have a chance to cut your margin after the bill is paid by the tenant by becoming a middleman and providing them with prepaid meters.

Product Assembly Services

You can start a business of conducting assembly and contact a different type of companies which provide mechanical products and need someone to assemble them for them. This is a business that is very profitable if you are able to carry the amount of burden that you have.

Since this type of business doesn’t take excuses, you should complete the assembling job before the deadline.

Aluminum door Manufacturing Business

Aluminum doors are necessary in many offices and institutes. It is possible to start a business of making aluminum doors that are sold to customers and this is a very profitable type of business.

In these types of institutes and offices, people find it more cost-effective as well as safer to use aluminum doors instead of wooden ones.

Solar Panel Manufacturing Business

It is possible to start a company that manufactures solar panels, which is proving to be a very popular business at the moment. People are getting aware of Clean Energy and you can take advantage of it by starting a business of solar panel manufacturing.

Due to the increased demand, this is a type of business that is becoming increasingly popular today.

Vehicle repairing shop

As in every house there is a vehicle, you can start a small business of your own repairing vehicles. This is also a very profitable business. In most cases, people look for cheaper solutions than service centers for repairing their vehicles due to the different types of problems that can arise.

This business allows you to earn a lot of money by providing Maintenance Services to your customers from time to time.


Here is a list of all the businesses for mechanical engineers that you can choose from. Listed below is a list of small business ideas for mechanical engineers with startup ideas you can use for your mechanical engineering business. If you liked our list of mechanical engineering startup ideas, then please let us know in the comments.

You can mention any self-employed mechanical engineer business you have in the comments section as well.

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