Top 5 Best Silent Mixer Grinder in India 2022 [ Expert Reviews ]

A mixer grinder is one of the most common kitchen appliances and finds application in preparing various dishes. However, one of the common problems of mixer grinders is that they can be quite noisy. This is quite normal, as these gadgets use high-velocity motors and running these motors generates noise. The demand for silent mixer grinders is on the rise, with more and more people trying to get rid of the noise.

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What is a silent mixer grinder?

A mixer grinder would not be entirely silent. However, there are certain acceptable standards in the industry. As long as the sound level created by a mixer stays between 80 and 90 decibels, it is considered to be a silent mixer grinder. This sound is relatively low compared to the older mixer grinders, which used to be much noisier. 

Why would you want a silent mixer grinder?

The reason why the demand for a super silent mixer grinder is rising is simple. As they generate less noise, they help to maintain a peaceful environment. The loud noise of a mixer grinder that isn’t soundless can hamper the mental peace of the inhabitants of a home.  With sophistication taking place in almost every type of appliance, people want more modernized gadgets. 

What are the best silent mixer grinders in India? 

As the brands try to cater to the changing demands in the market, more and more manufacturers are coming up with soundless mixer models. This implies that while purchasing a silent mixer, one would have several options to pick from. Five of the best silent mixer grinders in India are:

Model Wattage Sound level Buy Now
Philips Simply Silent (5 Jars) 600 watts 87 decibels Check Price
Prestige Iris (3+1 jars) 750 watts 85 decibels Check Price
Orient Electric Kitchen Kraft (3 jars) 500 watts 80 decibels Check Price
Preethi blue leaf platinum (4 jars) 750 watts 85 decibels Check Price
Vidiem MG 541 A Plus (4 jars) 750 watts 90 decibels Check Price


1- Philips Simply Silent (5 Jars)

Philips simply Silent mixer grinder in indiaFor individuals who plan to use the mixer grinder in a large variety of applications, this model is perfect. It comes with three jars of varying capacity to cater to different needs. During operation, the mixer grinder generates 87 decibels of noise, which is three decibels lower than the acceptable limit. Philips has integrated this machine with a powerful 600-watt motor and a lift-and-grind blade, which ensures fine blending. 

This mixer grinder offers excellent security features, which make it quite safe to use. The anti-slip feet of the mixer grinder would keep it positioned firmly against the surface. This eliminates the risk of the mixer grinder falling over during use. The design of the product is trendy, making it compatible with the interior décor of most modern homes. The light weight of the mixer grinder makes it highly portable. 

The grinding and blending functions are quite efficient. The control knob comes with three distinct speed control settings, along with a pulse mode. This enhances the versatility of the product. As food never sticks to the walls of the jars, they are easy to clean. However, it does take longer to grind compared to a mixer grinder with a 750-watt motor. 

Grinding tough foodstuffs often requires a stronger motor. Philips happens to be one of the most trusted brands offering electronic products in India. They are particularly known to deliver excellent quality and great after-sales services. This makes the mixer grinder an even more reliable option.

  • Several jar dimensions
  • Two-year warranty
  • Great security features
  • A little expensive

2- Prestige Iris (3+1 jars)

Prestige Iris Silent Mixer grinder in indiaPowered by a reliable 750-watt motor, Prestige Iris is a versatile mixer grinder that is worth checking out. This appliance operates at noise levels ranging from 80 decibels to 90 decibels. Apart from three stainless steel jars, the mixer also comes with a juicer jar made of polycarbonate. The high-quality materials ensure that the jars would remain durable. The mixer grinder also offers three different blades to choose from while using. This makes the mixer suitable for multiple applications.

The mixer grinder can seamlessly grind, knead, mix and blend various foodstuffs. The powerful 750-watt motor delivers great performance. In a nutshell, this appliance can efficiently serve all the purposes that a household may have of a mixer grinder. The users can choose from three different speed settings, along with a whip function.

The overload shutdown feature is yet another useful function and would protect the motor from burning up. The mixer grinder itself is quite sturdy in design as well. It doesn’t show any signs of overheating when used for about an hour with small gaps in between.

Prestige is one of the leading brands offering kitchen appliances in India. For this reason, it is also easy to avail repair services and find spare parts when necessary. You may consider this mixer grinder to be quite a reliable option, considering its sophisticated features and the reputation of the brand.

  • Powerful and well-performing motor
  • Multiple blade types
  • Durable materials and sturdy design
  • The product has average customer reviews

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3- Orient Electric Kitchen Kraft (3 jars)

Orient Electric Kitchen Kraft silent mixer grinder

 Orient happens to be yet another reputable company in the Indian electronics market. The Orient Kitchen Kraft Mixer Grinder is one of their best models in the low noise mixer grinder range. The noise level of this model is as low as 80 decibels. Among the different silent mixers available in the market, this is one of the lowest sound levels.  

However, it comes with a 500-watt motor compared to the other two mixer grinders listed above. The balanced-coil motor can grind very efficiently, thanks to its superior nature. 

Made from high-quality stainless steel, all three jars are durable and food-grade. The jars come in three different dimensions and make the mixer grinder more versatile. While the 1.2L jar is great for liquidizing, the 0.8L jar is perfect for dry and wet grinding. The 0.4L jar would come in handy while preparing chutneys. 

Many of the mixer grinders in the market are not really hands-free and require the users to hold the lid closed. However, the lids of the jars in this model fit perfectly and tightly enough, adding to the convenience of the users. 

The body of the mixer grinder is made out of ABS plastic, due to which it never heats up. The compact shape and the light weight make the appliance easy to move around and use. The mixer grinder is shockproof in design, with anti-slip feet. The overall build of the body and the jars make them long-lasting.  The blades come with a special coating of nickel, which ensures easy grinding.

  • Quite low noise
  • Multiple safety features
  • Durable body and jars
  • A little slow at grinding

4-  Preethi blue leaf platinum (4 jars)

Preethi blue leaf platinum low noise mixer grinder

With a 750-watt motor, this mixer grinder is a viable option for buyers who plan to use it for tough grinding. The power of the motor makes this mixer grinder a versatile instrument suitable for various grinding and blending applications. This model also comes with four different sized jars. 

The main jar is 1.7 liters and can perform functions like liquidizing and dry and wet grinding. The 1.2L jar is suitable for these purposes too, along with crushing ice. For churning, whipping, and juicing, the 1.5L extractor jar would be useful. While grinding foodstuff in small quantities, the users can utilize the 0.4L grind and store jar. 

The benefits of the jars not only end in their versatility but also their efficiency. Polished and machine-ground, the blades perform their respective functions fast and efficiently. This helps to cut down on power consumption. 

The large size of the jars allows the users to prepare up to three glasses of juice at once. An interesting feature of this mixer grinder is that it comes with a Flexi lid. Using it, one can adjust the capacity of the jars as needed. The body of the appliance is shockproof and rust-free, adding to its durability. 

On the downside, this mixer grinder does heat up as a result of continuous use. However, the Thermal Overload Protector protects the appliance from voltage fluctuations and overload. The mixer operates at a sound level of 85 decibels. 

  • Large jar capacity
  • Flexi-lid
  • Grind and store function
  • Tends to heat up

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5- Vidiem MG 541 A Plus (4 jars)

Vidiem MG 541 A Plus low noise mixer grinder

This model is another good option in terms of versatility. It comes with jars of four different sizes to cater to various needs. The 1.5-liter jar is perfect for preparing batters for dosa, idli, and other items. While making smoothies and other drinks, the 1-liter juice extractor would come in handy. The 0.75-liter jar is multipurpose and would be suitable for dry grinding as well as wet grinding. The smallest jar has a capacity of 0.4 liters and would serve well while making chutneys and grinding spices.

In addition to the several dimensions in which the jars are available, the vortex flow dynamically balanced blades add to the functionality of the mixer grinder as well. The ribbed design ensures smooth grinding of tough foodstuffs, such as dry spices. Made of hardened stainless steel, these blades are quite durable.

The jars come with a self-locking technology that ensures that they would secure properly during operation. It is also quite easy to place the jars in position or pick them away. The tri-mate couplers are self-aligning in nature and help in securing the jars. Their design and material allow these couplers to handle the heavy loads with ease.

Overheating would not be much of an issue with this mixer grinder as it comes with an advanced cooling system. This includes an air pump system that delivers 40% more effective cooling.

  • 10% lower power consumption
  • The motor delivers excellent torque
  • Strong build and secure fitting
  • Relatively louder than other silent mixer grinders

A guide to choosing the right silent mixer grinder in India

Now that you have multiple options available, choosing the best mixer grinder may seem daunting. All the five models listed above have grown quite popular among users. Here are some factors that you may consider during the purchase:

  • Sound levels: While purchasing a silent mixer grinder, the sound levels should obviously be a priority. While it is natural for powerful motors to generate loud noise, it should not be louder than 90 decibels. Several mixer grinders that operate under this sound level are available, including the ones listed above.
  • Price: As there are several silent mixer grinders available in the market, the prices vary as well. You would want to look through your options and pick one that fits into your budget. At the same time, it is advisable not to compromise on quality due to small price differences. 
  • Blades: Often, buyers forget to check out the design of the blades while buying a silent mixer grinder. However, the blades come in direct contact with the foodstuff and it is necessary that they should be of food grade. Ideally, a silent mixer grinder should come with high-quality stainless steel blades that are resistant to corrosion and oxidation. It helps the blades stay sharp for a long time. 
  • Speed: The rotation per minute (RPM) indicates the speed at which the blades of a silent mixer grinder rotate. It is generally advisable to purchase a model with an RPM between 18000 and 23000 for domestic kitchen use. While some applications require high RPM for effective grinding, spices and liquids may need a slower speed. Hence, the silent mixer grinder must offer a good speed-control function. 
  • Wattage: The greater the wattage of a silent mixer grinder, the higher would be its power consumption and therefore the long-term running costs. It is advisable to choose the wattage as per the requirements. While a silent mixer grinder with too low wattage would be ineffective, excessively high wattage would result in unnecessary power consumption. 

Once you take all these factors into consideration and choose one of the leading brands, finding the best silent mixer grinder in India wouldn’t be so challenging. Although it takes some time to look through all your options, ultimately it would be worth the effort.