Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 24th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist.

Preeto begins the episode by giving the infant milk. She converses with her and is ecstatic. Saumya informs Preeto that she has to speak with her right away. Preeto avoids her, claiming that she is preoccupied with the kid. Saumya constantly pleading with her to just listen for a while. Preeto predicts Saumya will say something negative. Preeto is told by Veeran that if she considers them family, she should cherish their thoughts as well. They do not want the youngster to remain in the house. Preeto is irritated. Chintu claims that because the family members are not unified, they will be unable to care for the child.

Chintu brings up the subject of Raavi’s injury once more. Preeto claims that his mother is OK and that he should keep his lips quiet. Raavi claims that this time Chintu is correct, as Angel can go to any length to abduct the child; why can’t Preeto see that? She even dispatched goons. Harak claims that they have always dealt with a variety of challenging conditions and that they will do so again this time. Harman advises Preeto to follow Saumya’s advice. Saumya claims she wants to spend some time with the infant in a separate location because it is unsafe for the child to stay here.

Preeto admits she had a feeling the idea would be a bad one. She claims that when the baby is older, she would blame herself for severing the familial ties. Preeto claims that no one will leave the house and that the newborn would be cared for as a family. She is going to be their child. Preeto says she doesn’t care what people think of her, and Virat backs her up. She will adopt the child and provide her with property.

Chintu becomes irritated and considers how humiliating it is that he now has to compete with a kinnar. Preeto tells Saumya that they will both look after the child regardless of what people think. Saumya tells the storey of how she raised Heer. She enjoys reminiscing about her personal experiences. She becomes agitated.

How can Preeto make such a decision, Veeran asks Raavi. They had already endured a great deal for Heer and Saumya. Raavi claims that they lost Heer and that she can no longer witness her family in anguish as a result of the baby. Chintu brings Raavi and Veeran coffee. Veeran becomes suspicious and advises him to calm down. Preeto and others have lost it, despite Chintu’s claim that he doesn’t do drama. Raavi is so trusting that she gave Preeto the land but received nothing in return.

Chintu inquires of Veeran as to why he was denied a piece of the property. Raavi warns Chintu not to bring up the subject of property at this time. She claims that all they want is to securely return the youngster to her community. There’s nothing else. Chintu responds that he is not a murderer, but that it was Saumya who murdered his father. She continues to live guilt-free. Chintu promises that he would place the baby in the appropriate location without harming her. He makes a phoney assurance to Raavi. He enlists the assistance of Raavi and Veeran.

Chintu informs them that they must ask Preeto and Harak for their own part of the property. That, according to Veeran, is not possible. Preeto and Saumya, Chintu claims, have damaged everything and that this is no longer a family. He urges Raavi that she should stop being Preeto’s slave and start living her own life. He indoctrinates them.

Chintu is correct, according to Veeran, because Preeto never valued their viewpoints. As a result, they will be separated. They will relocate after receiving the property share. Chintu is warned by Veeran not to harm the baby at any cost. Raavi says they’ll discuss it later.

Preeto plays with the baby while giving her an oil massage. She takes the diaper, and the infant is taken from there. Preeto is taken aback when he notices the baby is not in bed. When she looks for her, she notices something.