Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 1st October 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist.

Saumya tells Angel to apologise to people she has wronged in the first episode. Angel claims that when she was a child, her parents abandoned her and didn’t even meet her once for the sake of humanity. Saumya, she claims, got what she didn’t get. That’s why she was envious of her and despised everyone. Angel sobs uncontrollably, claiming that she has always caused Saumya and her family problems. She falls to her knees and begs forgiveness. Saumya assists her in standing up.

Angel apologises profusely to Virat. She claims Heer did not die as a result of her; otherwise, she would have committed suicide. Angel apologises to him. Angel surrenders to authorities, claiming that she is deserving of punishment because she exploited members of her own community. Her arrest is made by the police.

Chintu takes up the gun and threatens Saumya with it. Angel is referred to as an emotional idiot by him. He claims to be like her, but he is not. He will exact vengeance on Saumya, and today is her last day. She assassinated his father. Chintu, according to Preeto, is misunderstood. Chintu interrupts her and tells her that Saumya would die today. Inspector shoots his hand as Chintu is ready to pull the trigger.

Chintu takes a seat, and Preeto Saumya expresses concern for him. Saumya advises calling a doctor. Inspector is chastised by Preeto for shooting Chintu. He’s her grandson’s name. Chintu realises his error and dials Saumya Mami’s number. He claims Saumya had a good reason for killing Balwindar. She can’t do anything wrong because she is a pure soul. Chintu claims he had forgotten they were his relatives. He expresses regret. Saumya claims that she has always felt that he would change. She goes on to say that Chintu will be accepted by his family in the same way that he was previously. Harak instructs the inspector not to detain Chintu.

Everyone in the house celebrates the baby’s naming ceremony. Photographers take images with their cameras. Chintu is told by Saumya to join them. The priest arrives and begins the puja. He inquires as to the baby’s name choice. This infant, according to Preeto, provided light and hope to their family. As a result, they’ll refer to her as Shagun.

Saumya carries the infant in her arms as everyone becomes ecstatic. She assures Preeto that after everything she and Heer have gone through, Shagun will not suffer in the same way. They’ll expose her true identity ahead of time so she may accept herself and live in peace with the truth. Preeto agrees, claiming that it is her right to know and that it is not at all embarrassing.

The lawyer instructs everyone to complete certain requirements in order for Shagun to legally become a member of their family. Everyone claps and signs the document. Shagun is now their child, according to the lawyer. Saumya claims that now they will accept a kinnar with her identity and that she will always unify them. Harman claims that Shagun brought him happiness, for which he expresses gratitude to God.

Saumya tells a storey about the kinnars. This, she claims, is the storey of existence’s power. Everyone prays to Matarani, and she keeps the infant close to her. Matarani bestows a flower on the baby as a blessing. The show concludes with Saumya holding the infant.