Top 5 Semi-Automatic Washing Machine under 15000 in India

Are you searching for the best semi-automatic washing machine in India? Then this article will be of great help to you. Semi-automatic washing machines are most preferred by many in India. They have many benefits during electricity shut down, and they are also available at economical rates. The criteria to tag the best washing machine involves good washing quality, excellent build, strong motor, and better services.

How do Semi-automatic washing machines work?

The semi-automatic washing machines are available from Rupees 6000 to 15000 price ranges. In the semi-automatic machine, the clothes need to be manually transferred to the dryer. They are available from 6 to 8 kg capacity that suits the Indian families. The power consumption and the low maintenance of this machine are its top features. Even in the water crisis, the semi-automatic machine is useful as the continuous water supply is not needed when washing.

List of Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machine under 15000 in India

  1. 1.LG 8 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (P9037R3SM)
  2. Samsung 8 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (WT80M4000HR)
  3. 3.Whirlpool 10.5kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (ACE 10.5 XL)
  4. 4.Godrej 8 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (WS 800 PDS)
  5. Lloyd 7.5Kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (LWMS75HG)

The Top Semi-Automatic Washing Machines under 15000 in India 2020

In these top 5 best semi-automatic machines, you can find some of the finest brands that produce good quality appliances. Let’s take a look at the top 5 best semi-automatic washing machines available under 15000 in India.

LG 8 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (P9037R3SM)

LG Semi top load washing machines are always advanced in quality and performance. This model has a capacity of 8 kg.LG is a well-reputed brand that has a variety of semi-automatic machine collections that is available under 15000. The new semi-automatic machines by LG are very innovative and come with smart technology features.


  • 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology
  • 9% Allergen-Free
  • 360-degree wheels for easy movement and placement of the machine


  • No Display
  • The tub made up of plastic

Technologies used by LG

  • Smart inventor: Power efficiency technology reduces your electricity bill. The machine cuts off any waste tasks that consume more power.
  • Rat away: A 3mm plastic with rat chemicals is used to prevent any damage to the machine.
  • Direct drive: This technology decreases the noise vibration of the machine. It also increases the durability of the machine.

Samsung 8 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (WT80M4000HR)

Samsung is considered as India’s favorite and reliable brand. The same is true with the semi-automatic top load Samsung washing machine. It can handle 8kg of clothes at one time. The solid body and durable motor is the main feature of this machine. This top load semi-automatic machine is available from 10000 in India.


  • Scrubbing Walls
  • Rustproof
  • Magic Filter


  • Mechanical Control Panel

 Technologies used in Samsung

  • Drum storm pulsator: This technology uses both horizontal and vertical water currents for effective and tangles free washing.
  • Silver Nano: This technology prevents any germs, odor, and stains from the clothes.
  • Waterfall: The waterfall technology removes tough stains, especially on collars and pockets. It helps in avoiding hands to scrub the dirt off from collars.

Whirlpool 10.5kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (ACE 10.5 XL)

High tech whirlpool semi-automatic machine contains a 35 watts powerful motor. It has a capacity of 10.5 kg. It is well designed and has a smart handle that makes it easy to move the machine. The controls are placed in the top where the wash time, spin time, and the level of water can be chosen. It is suitable for a family of 6-8 members.


  • 5 Wash Programs
  • Waterproof And Shockproof Control Panel


  • Plastic Drum

 Technologies used in whirlpool

  • 3 D scrub: The 3D scrub technology of whirlpool semi-automatic machines ensures a good heavy load wash. The 3 D scrub pad helps to remove even toughest stains from the clothes.
  • 3 D lint filter: The three-layered filter keeps the clothes clean and fresh.
  • High-speed motor: The effective spin motor is durable and strong. Ensures faster and easier drying of clothes.
  • Waterproof control panel: The water-resistant control panel avoids any worries of the panel damage due to water.

Godrej 8 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine (WS 800 PDS)

This brand has a high brand value for semi-automatic machines. The capability of the machine is 8 kg, which is suitable for 3-4 member families. The machine is beautifully designed and well built. The superior feature in this machine is the turbo dry function. You can see the great results of good quality washing and quick drying of clothes.


  • Active Soak Technology
  • Stainless Steel Drum
  • Lint Filter


  • N/A


  • LED display: The LED display adds up to the stunning design of the machine. This is not only impressive but also brilliantly embedded with the machine to smartly select the level of water.
  • Drum clean: This drum clean technology sanitizes the drum with hot and clean water killing any harmful bacteria.
  • Turbo dryer: Turbo dryer dries the clothes swiftly, even in humid climatic conditions.

Haier 8 kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (HTW80-1159)

Haier has great brand value, especially for producing semi-automatic and automatic washing machines. The capacity of the machine is more than 8 kg, which is suitable for a family of 4-6 members. The pricing is also economical as they are available from 10000 rupees.


  • Sleek Design
  • Rustproof Drum
  • Durable Plastic Body


  • Requires effort


  • Power scrubber: The tub movement is perfect so that the clothes are washed properly. This comes in two modes: gentle mode and power mode.
  • Jet spray: This jet spray technology splashes the water to the clothes that remove even hard stains and eliminates any use of hand wash.
  • Effective wash: Effective wash technology ensures an anti-bacterial wash. They also remove any residue of detergent from the clothes.

These are the top brands that manufacture superior quality semi-automatic washing machines that are below 15000 and are available in India. You can choose the brand that suits your washing needs and the machine that has top quality features.