Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 7th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Gehna and Anant take professor Kumar, an injured student, to the hospital. Dr takes him to OT for his treatment. Anant, seeing Gehna get tensed, assures her that the professor will be fine. Gehna questions the person who attempted to kidnap Gehna and their motives. Doctor arrives and tells Gehna that Professor’s condition is extremely critical due to blood loss. Anant states that he will donate blood because his blood group O+. Doctor agrees, and informs professor that he is safe. He has suffered injuries to his head and hand and can be released by evening. Professor is taken home by Anant and Gehna after he has been discharged. Baa thanked him for saving Gehna’s life. Bapuji then asks him to visit them frequently, followed by Anant. Professor smiles and then leaves. Anant receives Sagar’s phone call and says that he has spared his wife. He recognizes Sagar and warns him about the dire consequences for any attempt to hurt his wife or their family. Sagar tells Anant that he can’t defeat him this time as a villain and Anant cannot even consider supporting him. Anant wonders who is supporting Sagar. His conversation is heard by Pankaj and Gehna as well as Paresh.

Baa calls Gehna, and informs her that the samithi members are here. They are served tea by Gehna. They invite their family to Ganesh Utvas/festival. Tia wants to know what’s special about this year. The committee lady promises modak and other competitions. Radhika believes Gehna will win the cooking contest. Lady promises that they will distribute food to families who have lost loved ones in the pandemic. Gehna accepts to take part. Pankaj, Paresh and Paresh question Gehna about why she agreed to take part in the competition. The news is a source of tension for the family. Gehna claims that Ganesh Ji will protect her and keep Sagar from being called evil. Krishna returns home limping. Gehna questions why he is limping. He claims he fell while practicing his play.

Professor welcomes Gehna, Anant. Professor greets them. Anant questions about his health. Professor tells him he feels better but it will take some time for wounds to heal. He also asks Gehna why she didn’t go to college today. Anant claims she will continue to study at home because she is afraid of the outside world. Professor states that law courses are difficult and it is hard to study at home. Gehna asks him to come visit her home and teach her. Professor says it is impossible because he doesn’t have much time. He promises to find a way. She understood his lecture today easily. He accepts. He is invited to Ganesh Pooja at her house tonight.

Desai family and committee members bring Ganesh Ji’s idol to the tent. Sagar is accompanied by musicians who play a drum with color on their faces. Desai family doesn’t recognize him and gets busy with pooja. Sagar approaches Kanak and tells him he’s back. Kanak follows him and meets him. Radhika is next to her, and she asks Sagar why he came here. The Desai family might be able to identify him. Kanak claims Sagar is her puppet. How will anyone recognize him if she can’t identify Sagar? Radhika claims that someone might have sharper vision than she and scolds Sagar. Sagar decides to immediately punish the entire Desai family. She wants to know if he will drown them all with Ganesh Ji. Sagar, who has an evil laugh, says more. He will assassinate them. They won’t even be able show their faces to the whole of Surat. They go back to pooja. Sagar places a chit into Anant’s hand and walks away. Anant feels someone behind him. Gehna shows him chit. He takes it and reads it.