Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 27th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Professor Kumar’s men take Gehna somewhere in the beginning of the episode. She inquires as to where they intend to take her. They want that she remain silent. She realises she has made a significant decision, but she is willing to put herself in harm’s way for Anant, her family, and her country. Priest, on the other hand, inquires about Anant and Gehna. Gehna’s absence is noticed by all. Radhika beams. Praful informs Priest that Anant and Gehna overcame numerous challenges to arrive at this point. Radhika remembers Sagar’s words and wonders whether he is to blame for Gehna’s absence.

Anant decides to save Gehna, but he is stopped by Professor Kumar’s soldiers. They inform Anant that Gehna will now finish Professor Kumar’s purpose, preventing him from leaving. He confronts them and inquires about Gehna’s whereabouts. They remind him about the bomb remote and advise him not to waste energy fighting with them because his error will result in Gehna’s death. They transport him to a location where he is imprisoned. He requests that they open the door, but there is no answer from the other side.

Professor Kumar’s men present Gehna with a Bluetooth headset. They abandon her in the midst of the woods and depart. She observes Security officials and decides to tell them the truth in order to save Anant’s project and everyone’s lives. She’s about to approach them. Professor Kumar’s voice, however, is no longer audible to her. He tells her that he is watching her every move and that one mistake will result in the death of her entire family. He asks her to obey his commands. He advises her to avoid being apprehended by security agents.

In the meantime, Anant feels helpless and wonders how he would save his family and Gehna. He dials Krishna’s number and informs him of his kidnapping. He tells him not to worry about him since he would find a way out, and that Desai’s life is in danger. He also informs him about Professor Kumar’s purpose and Gehna’s decision. He begs him to spare his family since he must go to Gehna’s aid. Krishna assures him that nothing would happen to the Desai family.

Gehna is noticed by a security officer, who inquires as to why she is alone in the bush. Professor Kumar informs Gehna that she should not be suspected by the security officer. Gehna explains to the security officer that her husband works in the forest and that it is their wedding anniversary today, so she has come to surprise him. She assures him that she is quite familiar with the route. She is allowed to enter by the security officer. She enters the house and sobs. Meanwhile, Anant sobs, claiming that it is not the end for them. He believes that he must save Gehna at all costs.