Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Tiya sprays water over Gehna’s face to start the episode. Gehna regains consciousness and wonders where she left her wedding gown. Then she remembers how Radhika stopped her from getting to the marriage mandap and knocked her out. Hema informs her that Radhika attempted to marry Anant by impersonating him. Anant recognised Radhika only by looking at her hand, Tiya tells Gehna.

Anant asks Radhika how she could stoop so low. She claims to have done everything for him. She tells him that Gehna will not be able to take her place. He tells her that he is relieved that his marriage plans did not include her. Gehna is brought by Tiya and Hema. Anant inquires about Gehna’s well-being. She gives him a nod. Jamuna expresses her displeasure with Radhika for interfering with marriage ceremonies. She warns her to get out of there now.

Jamuna is asked to leave Radhika by Gehna. Radhika is told by Jamuna that she will never be able to become Gehna. She declares that Anant will not be able to find a better life partner than Gehna. Desai’s are in agreement with her. Radhika is asked by Jamuna not to come in front of her again. Hema reminds her that they can’t just let Radhika go like this. Radhika’s punishment, according to Anant, is for her to witness him marrying Gehna.

Anant and Gehna are asked to exchange their wedding garlands by the priest. Anant goes to buy wedding garlands. Krishna accompanies him. Anant observes the missed calls from the police inspector. Krishna is dispatched to arrange wedding garlands. Then he phones the police inspector, who informs him that Professor Kumar has eluded arrest. Gehna is patiently awaiting Anant’s arrival.

Professor Kumar video contacts Anant and tells him that before marrying Gehna, he needs to finish his work. Anant assures him that he would not betray his country. Professor Kumar informs him that whereas Gehna’s life was in danger the past time, this time his entire family is in risk. He hands him the bomb remote and tells him he must choose between his family and his country. He tells him to contact MG Road and then hangs up. Anant becomes concerned when he realises that his family’s life is in jeopardy, and he arrives at the wedding venue. He looks for Gehna and believes she must have heard about Professor Kumar’s escape and that she might have gone to meet him.

Gehna runs into Professor Kumar and recalls overhearing Anant’s talk with him and learning that her family is in danger. Anant cries and talks to himself, wondering why Gehna did this by putting her life at jeopardy for him. He promises that nothing will happen to her or his family.

Professor Kumar informs Gehna that Anant is teasing him by directing her to him. He shows her the bomb remote and threatens to click the button. She informs him that she has come to assist him and that she has not called the police. She assures him that she will carry out his instructions and that he will not hurt Anant or her family. They bind her eyes with black cloth and transport her to another location.