Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Gehna requests Radhika to end her games. Radhika informs Radhika where Kanak was hiding, recalling that she tried to harm Kanak twice. Anant comes back and inquires about what happened. Gehna claims Radhika hid Kanak someplace. Radhika asks Anant for a break and to tell Radhika about his interview. Anant tells Radhika that he has gotten a job. Radhika then asks Anant again where Anant is. Baa claims Radhika is so ruthless that she plays games with them. While they should be celebrating Anant’s job, they are concerned for Kanak. She threatens Kanak to tell her whereabouts or she will be punished. Radhika claims she will not repent and that police will find Kanak. Radhika is called by a lady from an NGO and she asks if Kanak has been found. Radhika replies that Kanak is not found yet and disconnects the call. Radhika orders Anant to go with her if Kanak’s location is important. Baa curses Radhika, and she collapses from panic attack. Family rushes to her, worried, and brings water for them. Gehna remembers Kanak’s blue sari and notices that water is blue. Anant and she rush to the water tank on the terrace, where Kanak is drowning. Anant rescues Kanak and lifts her up.

Radhika is about inform an NGO lady that Kanak has not been found yet and is in danger. Anant grabs Radhika’s phone and tells her that Kanak was found on the terrace. She then disconnects the call. Gehna brings Kanak down. Her family is shocked to see her in such a bad state and asks her what happened. Gehna reveals that Radhika had hidden Kanak in a tank. Radhika is challenged by Gehna to tell Radhika that there are two reasons to celebrate today: one Anant’s job, and two Kanak are safe. Kanak believes she put her life at risk by calling Radhika there. Radhika is determined to exact revenge on Desais and may even murder her. Gehna won’t celebrate, but she will.

In the evening, family begins to celebrate. Bapuji asks Baa to not worry and tells him that Gehna is a devi whenever he looks at her. Radhika walks towards them to go out to dinner with Anant. Bapuji looks at Radhika and tells him that Anant will be celebrating with them, not going out. Anant tells Bapuji that he will celebrate with Radhika and then leaves with her. Radhika informs Anant in a restaurant that she knew he would come back to her one-day. He gives her a rose and thanks her. She inquires what he is grateful for. He said that he was grateful for his life and the opportunity to meet his greatest strength. Gehna prays to god for Ananth’s strength at home. Krishna enters Tia and asks her to not worry, as god is with Anant. Tia is embraced by Gehna. Tia meets her family next. Tia questions Anant about where he is. Hema said that he was busy celebrating with Radhika. Tia is shocked and asks him what he’s doing. Paresh suggests that we celebrate first, and Tia asks him to get ready soon.

Radhika is taken back to the hotel by Anant, who informs Radhika about Gehna’s death. He reminds Radhika how Gehna sacrificed her life for her certificates. Radhika thanks Radhika for awakening Gehna’s feelings and walks out of there, leaving Radhika. Radhika is frustrated and burns roses. Gehna, who brings home cake, eagerly awaits Ananth. Baa notices her and says that Anant will come back to her. Anant comes home and smiles at Gehna. Tia runs happily and embraces him. Anant asks Krishna whether he will touch his feet or take his blessings. Krishna does. Anant claims he was just joking with Krishna and hugged him. Tia questions Anant about why he went out with Radhika. Anant said it was important. Tia questions Gehna about why she allowed Anant to go with Radhika. Gehna said that Anant’s statements are important and she cannot stop him. Paresh suggests that we cut the cake if he feels hungry. Anant makes a cake and serves the whole family. Radhika comes home looking glum. Anant then gives Gehna cake.