Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 24th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Professor Kumar is apprehended by the police, and Sagar and his goons assist him in escaping. Because their lives are in danger, the police inspector chooses to notify about Professor Kumar’s escape to Desai’s. Desai’s, on the other hand, arrives at the wedding venue. Because she couldn’t see the groom’s name, Gehna misreads her name on the name board and believes her marriage will be with someone else. She inquires of Jamuna as to what type of a joke this is. Hiral informs Gehna that because she lacked a loving husband and had done so much for the family, they are providing her with one.

Jamuna asks Gehna to help her restart her life. Tiya informs Gehna how much this new groom adores her. Gehna informs them that she has already married Anant and would not marry anyone else. Tiya invites her to meet the husband for the first time. Anant arrives on a bicycle at Gehna’s request. When Gehna sees this, she knows why he asked about her wish. He takes off the fabric that was covering the name board. Except for Radhika, everyone smiles when they hear Anant’s name.

Professor Kumar, on the other hand, is shown the wedding destination by Sagar, who also informs him that he planted the bombs. Professor Kumar informs him that whereas only Gehna’s life was in jeopardy the last time, this time everyone’s life is in jeopardy, forcing Anant to choose between his family and his country.

Gehna believes Anant wants to marry her, which means she is no longer his responsibility. She remembers how he stated he couldn’t love anybody else and realises that Anant loves her and gives gratitude to God. Hema and Hiral recollect how they ruined Gehna’s make-up the last time they met. Hiral informs Gehna that everyone is in a good mood this time. Hema assures Gehna that Anant would not find a better wife than her. Tiya informs Gehna that Anant has chosen the latter today, and the group embraces.

Anant informs Krishna that Gehna should remember this day, and that he will make sure she doesn’t forget him either. Meanwhile, Radhika is talking to herself, telling herself that Anant and Gehna will remember today. They are to carry the bride to the priest. Gehna, dressed in a veil, enters the room and takes a seat next to Anant.

The priest calls Anant and Gehna to the altar to exchange wedding garlands. The wedding garlands are exchanged. Tiya performs a ‘Gadhbandhan’. When Gehna places her hand on Anant’s, he stands up and declares that he will not marry her. Praful inquires as to why he refuses to marry Gehna. Everyone has a question for him. He takes off the bride’s veil, which reveals Radhika to everyone’s surprise. Jamuna drags her away and chastises her for stepping in for Gehna. Anant inquires about Gehna with Radhika. Hema and Tiya enter the room and are shocked to see Gehna asleep on the floor.