Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Jamuna presents Gehna with leganga and pearls at the start of the episode. Praful recalls how they chose to keep Gehna in the dark about the marriage in order to surprise her. He tells his family that they will be attending his friend’s son’s wedding. Jamuna inquires about Gehna’s reaction to the leganga.

It appears to be the bride’s leganga, according to Gehna. Something doesn’t add up for Radhika. Paresh pulls Anant aside and reminds him that they are not allowed to tell Gehna the truth. Anant assures him that Gehna will be delighted to learn of the marriage. Paresh assures him that he would not let him ruin the surprise and takes him to begin making preparations.

Meanwhile, Gehna is pondering who will marry whom. Radhika looks for Kanak and separates herself from Hema. Hema is overjoyed when she sees a lot of food. Radhika inquires as to whose marriage will take place. Hema eats a lot and then tells her that she has no idea and walks away. Gehna tries to deceive Jamuna into revealing who would marry who, but she fails.

Paresh informs Radhika that she appears to be free and directs her to the flowers and leaves. Radhika takes a step back to take Sagar’s call, scolding him for contacting her and asking how can he allow a terrorist stay in the Desai house. Sagar informs her that he only wants to deliver her some startling news about Anant and Gehna’s wedding preparations. She is startled to hear him and hangs up the phone. He tells himself that a blast is about to occur in the marriage hall.

Gehna inadvertently drops the vermillion box. Radhika makes the decision to put an end to Anant and Gehna’s marriage. Hiral afterwards applies Mehndi to Gehna’s hand. When Anant arrives, he is enthralled by Gehna’s beauty ( Ranjha song plays in the background ). Someone answers Krishna’s summons and begins playing the dhol. Desai begins to dance. When Anant notices Gehna’s dance, he stops dancing. Others are also putting a halt to it. Gehna then realises what’s going on and stops dancing. Tiya makes fun of Anant. Then everyone starts dancing all over again. Radhika is irritated by everything she sees. She purposely pulls Hema towards Gehna, and Hema takes Gehna’s hand in hers.

Gehna notices her Mehndi has become rotten. Everyone is taken aback when they witness that. Hema expresses her regret to Gehna. Gehna assures her that everything is great and inquires about her well-being. Jamuna is concerned because she believes it was ‘shagun ki Mehndi.’ Hiral informs Gehna that she will be applying Mehndi once more. Except for Hema and Radhika, everyone leaves from there. Hema tells Radhika that the latter forced her to ruin Gehna’s Mehndi on purpose.

Desai ladies wait for Gehna after a while. When Anant walks into his room, he is mesmerised by Gehna’s bridal gown. He gives her a complement. He inquires as to the type of marriage she desired. She expresses her desire to him. He then departs from there. Hiral arrives to take Gehna. Gehna informs her that she has yet to wear bangles. Hiral takes the bangles, but she slips and drops them.