Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Kanak conceals Anant’s certificates and tells Desai family that they can go treasure hunting. He also asks Desai relatives where they keep their unwanted items. Anant responds store room, and he rushes to the store room. Kanak asks Hema to tell him where she finds the most peace. Hema responds kitchen, and rushes to the kitchen. Kanak asks Baa where her favorite place is. Baa responds “room” and rushes into Bapuji’s room. They search for certificates together but they don’t find them. Gehna requests Kanak to stop playing with certificates and tell her where they are. Kanak asks Gehna if she requires certificates to cut her hair. Gehna is shocked but eventually agrees. She extends her scissor towards her hair and remembers Anant telling it that she looks great with open hair. Baa asks Gehna to not obey Kanak. Gehna trims half her hair. Kanak wants to have her full hair cut. Anant interrupts her and tells her that she won’t cut her hair. Gehna wants to know how he will attend an interview without certificates. Anant promises he will find another way. Pankaj threatens Kanak with cutting her hair if Kanak doesn’t disclose where she has hidden certificates. Kanak says that she was laughing nervously.

Radhika tells Gehna to stop fighting among herself and to just come to her alone for certificates. Gehna rushes over to her and asks her if she was so low she couldn’t save even papers. Radhika hangs the certificates from a burning rope and asks Radhika to save them if she wishes. Gehna believes she has already burned her hands trying save Kanak. Radhika questions Radhika if she is willing to save her husband’s life. Gehna, seeing Radhika’s car, rushes to it to get a water bottle. Radhika closes the car window and Gehna’s hands get stuck. Radhika loves to see Gehna in pain, and then lowers the window. Gehna grabs a water bottle and rushes for rope fire. Anant calls Gehna to ask where she is as her family is concerned for her. Radhika speaks. Anant questions Radhika about Gehna’s past and asks her where she is. Radhika states Gehna is enough to cause her problems. Anant shouts that Gehna will be punished if she bothers him this time. Radhika cuts off the call. Bapuji questions Anant about what has happened. Anant claims Radhika picked Gehna’s phone, which means Gehna may be in trouble. He should check.

Gehna pours water on the burning rope. Radhika claims she poured inflammable chemicals on the rope to ensure it doesn’t set off. Gehna asks God for guidance and decides it is time to be a villager Gehna, who used to climb trees and pick tamarind. She takes off her sandal and runs towards the tree, when she feels the thorns poke her foot. She climbs up tree with great difficulty. Anant, Paresh and Chetan search Gehna. Gehna discovers a certificate far away, so she drapes her dupatta over a bark, and gets a certificate. She thanks God and decides to give the certificate to Anant before it is too late. Radhika is jealous of this. Gehna falls and holds a bark in her hands. Radhika claims Radhika is a stuntwoman wife who came to save her husband’s future. Radhika is now hanging from a tree. She drove away, throwing Gehna’s phone. Anant and his team continue searching for Gehna. Chetan asks Anant if he can try Gehna’s telephone again. He attempts, but it is not possible to reach it. He continues to search for her until he finds her hanging from a tree. Gehna falls and slips. Anant saves Gehna and holds her until she is ready. Gehna issues him certificates. Paresh says let us go home. Gehna cannot walk. Anant lifts Gehna and walks toward home, looking into her eyes.