Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode starts out with Professor Kumar is sitting on the sofa when Anant arrives at the Desai house. He inquires as to Gehna’s whereabouts. Professor Kumar assures him that he would inform him without a doubt. He tells him that Gehna is still alive, but that if he doesn’t complete his job, Gehna would die. If he wants to save Gehna, he should do his work, he says. He shows him bombs. Anant inquires as to what he desires. Professor Kumar instructs him to fix the bombs and he’ll tell him where they’re hidden. And if Anant fails to finish this work in 15 minutes, he should forget about Gehna as well.

Professor Kumar informs him that hiding Gehna at the Desai house is not stupid. Anant assures him that he will not kill anyone who is not guilty. Professor Kumar informs him that the only way Anant can save Gehna is for him to kill innocent people. He warns him not to go to the cops. Anant picks up the suitcase and departs. Professor Kumar notices Gehna, who is unconscious and laying under the bed.

Anant makes his way to the police station. The bombs are defused by them. He is thanked and praised by the police inspector. Anant informs him that Gehna is still in danger, and that Professor Kumar has kidnapped her. He recalls Gehna calling him and asking him to help them snare Professor Kumar in their scheme. He tells the police inspector everything. The police inspector informs him that his squad has already arrived to Desai’s residence and advises him not to be concerned. Anant expresses his gratitude and departs.

Meanwhile, Professor Kumar awaits the sound of a bomb blast. He discovers that Anant has deceived him, as well as the fact that Gehna has regained consciousness. From there, he tries to take her. Anant arrives at the residence. Professor Kumar says he’ll kill Gehna if he doesn’t get his way. Anant assures him that he will not be able to kill Gehna. Professor Kumar is to be punished for misleading his own country, and Gehna encourages him not to worry about her.

Professor Kumar tells her to stop babbling. Professor Kumar is distracted for a second, and Anant beats him. They have a fight. Professor Kumar pulls out his gun and attempts to shoot Anant. However, the police arrive and arrest Professor Kumar. Anant embraces Gehna. Without anyone’s knowledge, Professor Kumar delivers Sagar one paper. Sagar reads it and praises Professor Kumar’s scheme, declaring it to be the start of their demise.

Sapan investigates Gehna. Professor Kumar is discussed by Desai. Hema informs them that Krishna has gotten himself into difficulties as a result of Professor Kumar. Radhika finds it hard to imagine that Sagar would allow a terrorist to dwell in the Desai house. Gehna’s boldness is praised by Praful.

Anant, on the other hand, regrets not trusting Gehna. He admits to Paresh that he has always misinterpreted Gehna. He informs him that he has realised how much he adores Gehna. Praful and Jamuna show up. They decide to re-do Gehna and Anant’s wedding.