Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 21st September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins when Anant arrives to save Praful. He fights off the goons, and then goes to Praful. He brings Sagar away from his godown, and informs Sagar that he could end up in jail just like the other partner. Gehna is requesting Sagar to reveal the truth as Krishna isn’t his partner. Sagar informs her that the partner won’t be taking his name. He spots a car going in that direction and he drives Gehna as well as Anant and flees in that vehicle. Gehna observes a man wearing a mask driving the vehicle. After a while everyone makes it to Desai home. The others are happy seeing Praful.

Gehna attempts to speak to Anant but she tries to avoid him. Professor Kumar arrives. Gehna observes his eyes and thinks of the eyes of the mask-man. She requests Praful to bring his medicine as Anant was in hospital to meet Jamuna. She discovers the fact that Professor Kumar has been Sagar’s spouse.

On the opposite, Anant talks to the unconscious Jamuna. He is unsure what is the reason behind Gehna remains awed by Krishna. In the meantime, Sagar phone calls Kanak and tells her to stop taking advantage of him. She explains to her that Gehna had blackmailed them and that’s the reason. He requests her to remove everyone out of the home with the exception of Gehna. She accepts his instructions.

Gehna goes to Professor Kumar’s bedroom. She comes across a mobile in his bathroom, and decides to talk about the mobile to Anant. She contacts Anant but he doesn’t answer. She texts him, but he doesn’t get it as well. Professor Kumar arrives at the home and reminisces to himself that he discovered that Gehna discovered the truth about him. He admits to being a the mastermind, and nobody will ever learn about it , except Gehna. He decides to murder her. Gehna is shocked when she sees him and hides his mobile. He informs her that he’ll cook coffee for her this morning. She is wondering where her family members have gone.

Desai’s family arrives at the hospital. Praful is begging Jamuna to awaken. Kanak informs him that Jamuna is expected to regain consciousness shortly. Anant says to Kanak as well as Radhika that it’s difficult for them to accept that they assisted Gehna to save Praful. Kanak says to her that she has never intended for them to risk putting Praful and Jamuna in danger.


Professor Kumar requests Gehna for snacks. He mixes pills into the coffee, and Gehna observes this. After a few minutes He gives her the cup of coffee. The spoon is dropped and then he bends to pick it up. She swaps the coffee cup based on the chance. He gets faint and loses consciousness.

However, Jamuna regains her consciousness and informs her family that it was Professor Kumar who pulled her off the down the stairs. Anant examines Gehna’s message. He realizes that Gehna’s life is in danger. Gehna smiles at the sight of Anant’s call. Professor Kumar grabs the mobile from her. He informs her that the professor is not stupid to think the game she’s playing with him. He admits that he didn’t mix anything into the coffee. He informs her that he had warned Anant to get out of the mission, but Anant did not listen to him. Gehna gets him to leave and then escapes. He chases her, and attempts to take her down. He beats her.