Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Kanak’s saripallu catch fire and she shouts. Gehna tears her pallu and rushes to her. Anant lights the fire. Radhika captures the video. Anant examines Gehna’s burned hands. Pankaj drapes blanket over Kanak. Radhika complains to Kanak that Radhika’s family tried to burn her alive. Baa questions Kanak about her lies. Radhika opens her journal and states that she will take down Kanak’s complaints in one column, and Kanak’s remarks in the other. Kanak claimed that Desai family tried burning her alive. Gehna claims she can’t wrongly claim them. Radhika then asks who started the fire. Kanak believes that Desais would not set Radhika on fire. It must have been Radhika’s plan. Radhika has come back strong to exact revenge. Anant questions Gehna about why she started the fire with her hands. Gehna said that if Gehna had not started the fire, Kanak and Radhika might have been in serious trouble. Baa claims Radhika and Kanak are extremely intelligent and wicked, and that their family is in danger. Anant claims he will install hidden cameras in the house.

After a while, Anant touches the feet of his parents and tells them that he’s going to leave the house. Radhika comes to Anant and informs him that he is going out on a date with Radhika. Anant snarls and says that he knows everything about her intentions so he won’t go along with her. Gehna supports him. Radhika strikes Kanak with a stick. Kanak yells in pain and asks Radhika why she is beating Kanak if Anant won’t go on a date. Radhika claims Kanak’s MIL beat her. Kanak demands that she beat her harder. Baa tells her to stop. Radhika advises Anant to have a date or she will file a complaint with the police and send his mother into jail. Gehna claims she will be sent to jail. Baa claims she will join her entire family. Gehna claims she can’t allege them all. Radhika is furious.

Anant takes his produce to the market. Gehna is busy with cooking. Radhika comes to Radhika and tells her that she sent her husband alone to the market. Who knows, he might fall for another girl and end up with Radhika as gharwali. Her husband flirts and flirts with a baharwali/outsider. Gehna claims she trusts her husband. Radhika shows Radhika her live video in which a girl accuses Anant of eve-teasing and gathers mob. Mob demands that he be blackened and humiliated. Gehna rushes to save Anant. Baa, Hema and Hiral meet with society ladies to talk about Janmastami celebrations. Baa is humiliated by one of them, who shows Anant’s clip. Baa weeps and walks away. Mob holds Anant, while a girl blackens her hands. She then heads towards Anant to darken his face. Anant resists, but in vain. Gehna comes in just as Anant resists but in vain. She claims her husband doesn’t look at other women and is falsely alleging that she is her husband. One woman shouts that her wife blindly trusts and protects her husband. Another woman suggests she should punch her husband and stop him from making fun of other girls.

Radhika shows Bapuji video and asks him if he gave this sanskar to his son. It’s good that she didn’t marry Anant, or she would have married an indifferent man. She wants to know how her son is playing with a girl on the road. Baa grabs her phone and says Radhika has locked her son. He then tries to destroy the phone. Bapuji stops her. Radhika claims she came to them to disturb them. If they resist, they’ll face severe consequences. Gehna again asks the girl to stop making false allegations about her husband. Girl claims her husband raped her from behind. Mob demands she punish the offender/Anant and hit him. Gehna is there in the middle. Gehna is protected by Anant, who holds the stick.