Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Desais is told by an NGO activist that she does not know the details of what happened at their house. She will then hire an associate who is experienced in these types of cases. Baa agrees. Another activist claims their associate will be here tomorrow. Baa walks off with the team. Kanak smiles at Desais, and then walks into her bedroom. Gehna asks Kanhaji to ensure that tomorrow’s morning is good and that whoever is there will prove right and wrong. She receives a call from NGO the next morning confirming that their associate will be arriving there. Associate in her car drives towards Desai house. Kanak is taunted by Hema that Kanak will be the one to end all her drama. Associate, carrying her bag, gets out of her car to enter Desai’s house. Gehna screams in shock at Radhika being her associate. The Desai family is also in shock. Anant shouts, “How dare she reenter that house!” Gehna interrupts him and asks Radhika whether the drama from last time was enough to make her return. She says she is not sure if she can leave, as her plans won’t work. Radhika states that she came to stay. Anant shouts that he should not think about it and run. Radhika believes he should be able to identify her before speaking. Hema claims she is the one who seduces other men’s husbands. Radhika claims she is the one who takes back a woman’s husband. She shows her ID card and says she will be here for 7 days to prove whether Kanak is lying or truthful. Gehna challenges Radhika that they will clash for 7 consecutive days. In 7 days, someone will break or destroy this house.

Gehna tells her she won’t let her stay here for more than 7 minutes. Vimla, a NGO lady, calls Gehna and asks her to meet her as she needs to talk about her NGO associate. Vimla, Kamla enter and shout at Gehna for not claiming Radhika was wrongly accused. Gehna claims Radhika was unable to manage her house and that she came here to destroy their home. Lady claims they knew Radhika was going to marry Anant. However, Gehna married Gehna for personal reasons. Gehna asks Gehna to listen, but she yells that Radhika has a problem with Kanak, Radhika and now Radhika. It seems like she has a problem with everyone. Radhika requests Anant to be near her after they have left. The family fumes. Radhika requests Anant to take her bag. Gehna may be right, NGO women think. They need to be vigilant. Anant is told by Gehna that she will take Radhika’s bag. Radhika claims she told Anant. Radhika’s bag is carried by Anant to her guest room.

Kanak is taunted by Hema that Radhika won’t support her because she is an injured Tigerress. She will also attack her for past mistakes. Anant takes Radhika’s bag from the guest room. Radhika tells him to carry Radhika’s bag to the guest room. Radhika crosses legs him and makes him fall. Anant raises his voice and throws water at her. Radhika fumes. Gehna comes in and offers Radhika a towel. Radhika advises her to control her husband, or she will not tolerate his misbehavior. Gehna takes Anant with her and hands her the towel. Radhika believes she will ruin the Desai family’s lives.

Anant comes to his bedroom fuming and tells Gehna he can’t tolerate Radhika. Gehna requests Gehna to calm down. He insists that he can’t forget his past. He should forget his past and focus on the future. Anant claims that Radhika and Kanak will cause problems if they unite. Kanak enters Radhika’s room and exclaims that they will both punish the Desai family. Radhika claims she doesn’t need her support and can punish Desais by herself. Kanak claims she didn’t get Kanak’s intention. Radhika requests her to bring food for her hunger pangs. Kanak questions why she is disrespecting her. Radhika warns her that she could disrespect her even more. Radhika suggests she bring her food first. Radhika throws a towel on Kanak and asks her to wash it. Kanak walks off fuming. Radhika believes there is too much silence and that no one has been shouting. Radhika smiles when someone shouts.