Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins when everyone goes to Jamuna. Anant questions her about what happened. She tells him that a person hit her and she loses consciousness. Anant and other people take them to the medical facility. Kanak whispers in front of Radhika that Sagar could have forced Jamuna. Desai admits Jamuna at the hospital. Anant takes responsibility for Jamuna’s health. Gehna demands that he take care of himself. She informs her that she is aware of the secret mission of his father and that she advises him not to blame himself. The man apologizes Praful. Praful advises him to keep doing the work and Jamuna is happy for his work. Doctor informs Desai’s that he’s shifting Jamuna to a special hospital and that no one will be able to see her until Jamuna is able to regain consciousness.

Gehna visits Jamuna’s room and pleads with God to send back Jamuna. Jamuna regains her consciousness. Gehna says she’ll bring others. Jamuna is holding her in her arms and attempts to make a statement. Gehna is able to get her down, and she brings Anant along with Praful. Doctor arrives to examine Jamuna and informs Desai’s that she is Jamuna suffers from a serious health and is requesting them to go home as he doesn’t want them to see her.

Within the Desai mansion, Anant blames Kanak. She asks him why is he able to blame her for being downstairs when Jamuna was thrown down. The professor Kumar is defending Kanak and informs Anant that only the two of them Krishna are outsiders in the city. He informs Anant that he took online classes at that time, and that the professor can verify the details. Krishna questions him why is it the former who blames him. He explains that Jamuna is his mother, therefore he shouldn’t take her away. Tiya defends Krishna and says that Professor Kumar is not to blame Krishna in this manner.

Anant questions Professor Kumar to confirm whether the latter have any proof against Krishna. Professor Kumar is the one who takes Anant away and informs Anant that he suspects Krishna for many reasons. He questions him if Gehna have any words to him. Anant recalls the time he was able to see Krishna as Sagar and then asks Krishna what he did to Jamuna. Tiya informs him that Professor Kumar doesn’t know anything about Krishna however, the latter does know his name very well. So what is the best way to ask the question. Anant informs her that she is a suspect of Krishna because he witnessed Krishna together with Sagar.

Kanak says to Radhika to prove that Krishna is Sagar’s friend. Chetan is a scolding to Krishna. Gehna appears and tells the group that Krishna was there with her at the time that Jamuna was thrown off the steps. Pankaj is curious and asks Krishna what the reason is for why he came across Sagar. Krishna says that Sagar had blackmailed him, so the latter went to meet him in order to pay Sagar. Paresh is requesting Pankaj along with Chetan to bring Praful inside.


Sagar phone calls Radhika and demands that she inject one shot into Jamuna in case Jamuna is not likely to regain consciousness. He believes that Radhika doesn’t realize that it’s a poisonous injection. Anant offers Krishna’s image to his agent and wants to know the details of Krishna. Sagar’s accomplice contacts Anant and asks him to hand over his secret mission files to Anant. He threatens to hurt Jamuna or Praful and cuts the phone off. In disguise, Radhika is seen entering the room of Jamuna with an injection. Gehna attempts to prevent Jamuna from injecting Jamuna. However, Radhika is able to push her and injects Jamuna.