Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Darsh begins the Episode by saying that he doubted him many times and why he is here asking for your trust. Nandini tells him to stop crying, because he cannot let the tears seep into his eyes. She promises to open the door. The door becomes stuck. He waits, the door does not open. She tried again. She attaches a kerchief around his hand. He refuses to rub his eyes. He responds, “What’s the point of having eyesight if I can’t identify you?” He cries. He claims that he is a big donkey but that he is yours. Nandini, I love you. He embraces her. He is taken to the bathroom. He is forced to sit in the shower. He gets drenched. She tries closing the tap. He holds her close. He kisses her. He said never say we couldn’t unite. She insists that I will not say. He said that we would always be Nandini Darsh. She affirms that she will always be Nandini Darsh. He kisses her. Mera haq hai…plays…They get close.

They lay on the bed, smiling at each other. Someone knocks at the door. They change into their proper clothes and open the door. Maid receives Vini. Vini looks at them. Vini asks them what they were doing, were you bothering Nandini? Charmy will complain that you are marrying her. He really asks, “If I marry Nandini?” She said no. I want a nice man for her. He asks if I am funny. I will tell you. He runs after her. Nandini said that if Vini is trouble, she would not marry me. Vini claims she will always stand by me, because every mother wants the best for her children. Darsh remembers Rajvi and weeps. He walks away.

Nandini wants to know if Rajvi is at home. Maid replies yes. Nandini requests her to be with Vini. She walks out to Darsh. She inquires about the lighting. She responds that Rajvi did whatever… He said no Nandini, so I won’t talk to her. She claims that if Rajvi didn’t forgive her in childhood, then …. Love can triumph over annoyance. I love you and have forgaved you twice. He then asks Rajvi how Rajvi can claim that Charmy is her father. She was trying to get me married to Charmy. She suggests that Charmy was not able to help herself. We will have to determine if Charmy is pregnant and if so, who is the baby. He said that he feels broken by her cheat and would never forgive her. Guard arrives. Darsh asks why the lights went out. Nandini suggests that Rajvi should be consulted once more. She would be so upset that she is crying right now. Before we can start a new life, we need to clear all of our clutter. Without Rajvi’s blessings, it won’t happen. Darsh looks for Rajvi in Rajvi’s bedroom. Outside his bedroom, he finds Rajvi’s earring. He wonders if there is anyone at home. He returns to his bedroom. He stumbles into the darkness and falls to his knees. Rajvi is stabbed by a glass fragment. He is shocked. He takes out the glass. Guard arrives and observes him. Darsh asks her to stand, and she tells him what happened. Nandini arrives and is shocked.

Nandini examines Rajvi and inquires about her past. The lights go on. Nandini is shown Charmy by the Guard Charmy goes to Nandini and asks what happened. Guard replies that he doesn’t know. Nandini requests that he get water. Charmy is sprinkled with water. Charmy claims that she was there when the lights went out. Nandini wonders where everyone is. Guard says that everyone took Dada Ji to the hospital. Nandini is taken to the hall. Dada ji and everyone return. Vipul wants to know what happened. Nandini weeps a lot. She says Rajvi She tells all. Rajvi is the one everyone runs to. Darsh lifts Rajvi, and she is taken by him. Doctor arrives. He claims it is a medical matter and we cannot do anything. The police arrives and tells him that he will watch how you leave her. Let the medical team do their job, but we need you to admit that Rajvi was there first. Darsh says that he fell in darkness and saw Rajvi stabbing him. He then took the glass out. Inspector questions him about his hand injury. Darsh becomes furious. Nandini demands that he make a statement on behalf of the others. The room is sealed. Rajvi is declared dead. Everyone gets shocked.