Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Kanak informs Irani builders/Anant & Gehna that she will first count the money and then sign property documents. Anant and Gehna get tensed. Anant is told by Jadadish that if Kanak checks the money, she will discover it’s fake and send them to prison in fraud case. Gehna requests Kanak to tell her servants to count the money, and not ruin her soft hands. Kanak orders Chetan the money to be counted. Anant is worried that Chetan will be a cashier and can easily spot fake notes. Kanak suggests to Anant to have an experienced person count the money. Gehna points to Paresh. Kanak orders Paresh. Paresh takes money bag and walks in. Hema enters house and sees Gehna and Anant entering. She shouts that she saw Gehna and Anant hugging and is certain they are there. She is kicked out of the house by her owner lady who trashes her. Hema runs to home, thinking that she should get home before Anant or Gehna.

Kanak is informed by Paresh that the money is correct, and that he has found an additional note. Jigna accepts the note and says they shouldn’t insult lakshmi. Kanak signs papers. The Desai family is devastated to see this. Anant claims that this house isn’t worth 10 crores. He bought it because he was buying next plot. We don’t know if it’s his good fortune or Kanak. Jagadish congratulates him. Gehna walks off with him, stating that they can live in the house until construction begins. Kanak is happy to pick up the money. Hema arrives at the house to see Anant and Gehna in their car. She thinks Kanak has fooled her and that they will all be kicked out. After seeing her family on the floor, she rushes in to ask if Kanak had sold the house. Chetan agrees. She wants to know if Kanak received all the money and who accounted for it. Chetan said yes, and Paresh accounted for it. Hema will then confirm that it is fake money. Paresh is back. Hema questions Anant and Gehna about their whereabouts. Paresh claims they went to temple.

Kanak loves to dance with money. She spreads it on her bed and dreams about being a queen. Then, she wakes up to hear aarti and runs down fuming at the person performing it. Gehna sings aarti with her entire family. Kanak calls for an end to their drama and asks who is performing aarti. Baa is presented with aarti by Gehna. Baa requests Kanak to have Prasad and leave her house. Kanak screams at Baa, “How dare an old woman to order her.” Baa slaps her. Kanak shouts at her, “How dare she slap her owner!” and then continues screaming. Gehna interrupts her and tells her that she should have learned from elders and left the house. This house is Baa and Bapuji’s forever. Kanak shouts, “Stop naukrani/maid!” Baa insists that Gehna is her bahu runi and not naukrani. Paresh asks Paresh for property documents. Paresh gives her the property papers. Baa hands them to Gehna, and asks her for the mirror of truth. Kanak shows papers. Kanak panics, and claims that these papers are fake. They are trying to fool Kanak. She sold the house to Mr. and Mrs Irani, and will call them now. She calls Iranis, but the number is not there. Hema claims she told her already that Anant Gehna and Gehna, disguised as Iranis, fooled her. Kanak dials another number, and it rings at home. Anant and Irani enter. Kanak is happy to see him and says that he has come because these people claim this house belonged to them. Anant confirms that they are correct and reveals his identity. Kanak is shocked.