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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Professor Kumar collapses and falls to the ground. Gehna is worried and sprinkles water on Professor Kumar’s face before calling his family. His family rushes to him, asking how he became unconscious. Gehna claims he was talking to her when he fell asleep. Sapan examines professor and states that he appears to have hypoglycemia. Gehna wants to know what it is. He said that if a person’s sugar levels drop, he/she will fall unconscious. They need to do more tests. Professor was given an injection. Professor wakes up to find out that he is suffering from hypoglycemia, which causes him to fall unconscious quite often. Bapuji requests that he stay behind tonight. He is supported by Paresh, Baa and others. He accepts. Baa requests him to take a break until she has something to eat. Hema believes that this house has been converted to a guesthouse. Previously Radhika and Krishna, and now Professor, Hema suspects her bhaila wandering in hiding from the police.

Sagar gives Radhika & Kanak a bag. He asks them to keep it at Desai house, as that is his fourth partner’s order. Kanak claims it has a lock. He also explains what it contains. He said it was not their business. Radhika claims they won’t keep it unless they know what it contains. Kanak insists that he should keep it. Sagar threatens them with a bribe if they don’t do their work. Radhika attempts to steal his mobile. He stops Radhika and tells her that he has made numerous copies of the video. Radhika requests Kanak to take the bag. Sagar offers them some money and asks for their permission to keep it in order to purchase anything. Kanak wonders how he got so much money. He must be planning something huge.

Gehna observes Bapuji becoming tense and asks why. He says that he is anxious because of a pandal incident. Gehna insists that a father’s tension can not be hidden from his daughter and says so. He revealed that Sagar kidnapped him while he was heading to the bank. However, he was with an unidentified man who warned him and spared him. She then asks him what he warned. He then says Anant’s job. Then he thinks he should hide the information as Anant has kept it from his family. And Anant will be tensed if Anant hears that since he doesn’t have a job. Gehna remembers Bapuji’s words as she walks towards the living room and wonders who is the other person with Sagar. Professor clashes with her and his medicine container falls and breaks. Professor tells her that it’s okay, he still has the other bottle because this medicine is so important to him. He acts weaker again. He is asked to take a break and she goes to the pharmacy to purchase the medicine bottle. She discovers it is a vitamin tonic, and wonders what the professor meant. Radhika and Kanak then start walking in a suspicious manner through the market. She follows them. Both suspect Sagar’s fourth partner is very dangerous, and they must find out his identity. Kanak spots someone following them, and he rushes home. Gehna hides.

Radha takes the bag with them to their home and keeps it in her storage cupboard. Gehna follows Radhika and searches for the contents of the bag. Radhika then shouts to be cautious. Radhika doesn’t notice anyone. Kanak walks up to Radhika and takes her away. Gehna hides, and the store room door is locked. When she spots professor opening the bag, Gehna rushes to the store room to see what’s inside.



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