Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 4th October 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode starts with Gehna informs others around her that Anant is still alive and that she will prove his innocence. The police inspector informs her that he will meet her at the courtroom and then departs from that location. She takes the garland off of Anant’s picture and places it on the floor. Jamuna returns to her room and sobs when she sees Anant’s picture. Gehna arrives to the location. Jamuna tears up as she embraces her. Gehna assures her that because they did nothing wrong, nothing bad would happen to them, and that she will do everything she can to help this family. She tells her not to be concerned about anything because Anant is in perfect health and would return shortly after. After that, she orders her to lie down on the bed and exits the room.

Gehna prepares for the following day. Hiral informs her that because Anant is no longer living, the nupital chain will not be accepted by this community. Gehna informs her that even though Anant is not present, he is still her greatest support and that this society does not place itself above him in her eyes. Gehna has Jamuna’s support and begs that others refrain from saying anything to Gehna since Gehna will live her life according to her wishes. Gehna removes the nuptial chain and informs them that she is awaiting Anant’s arrival and that he would force her to wear the nuptial chain once he arrives.


Later, Gehna meets with a lawyer to explore Anant’s legal situation. He informs her that he is unable to accept this poor case. She informs him that she is pursuing a legal degree and that she may be able to assist him in this situation. Then he tells her that she shouldn’t waste his time. After that, she consults with another attorney. They have been watching the news and have learned that Anant is a terrorist. Gehna receives her file back from the lawyer, who informs her that he would not fight for a terrorist.


Gehna goes to the market in order to get some vegetables. A couple of ladies have unpleasant things to say about Anant and Gehna. Gehna is also insulted by a vegetable vendor. Meanwhile, in front of the Desai residence, the general public screams against Anant. Gehna arrives at her residence and is taken aback by the behaviour of the general public. Desai’s house is pelted with stones by the public. After some time has passed, Hema requests that Kanak allow her to inspect the latter’s wounds. Kanak tells her to keep her mouth quiet. Chetan tells that his supervisor has requested that he leave from his position.


Gehna explains to him that they are not in the wrong and that there is no reason for him to obey others. He informs her that they will be unable to survive if they do not have money, and that he cannot afford to lose his job. Pankaj admits that he was compelled to close the bakery due to financial constraints. Kanak informs them that Anant has damaged everything and that they should leave the house since the general public will not allow them to stay. Gehna is taken aback when she makes the suggestion of partition.


Jamuna inquires as to how the latter is able to speak about it in such a scenario. Her injuries is demonstrated to Kanak, who then questions why she should suffer as a result of Anant’s crime. Gehna assures her that Anant did nothing wrong and that by remaining in this house, she will be able to demonstrate his innocence. Paresh warns her that fighting against the government and the general public will not be simple. Gehna asks them if they will be willing to fight alongside her in this battle. Radhika takes her hand in hers and assures them that Anant is not a terrorist, and that she will support Gehna’s cause. Kanak makes fun of them. Gehna has the backing of Jamuna.