100+ Romantic Love Letters for Him Long Distance

Distance apart from the people we love and care about isn’t funny and can be quite difficult to bear. Nothing and no one really makes up for their absence

But distance shouldn’t be a barrier to showing love. Hence, are 100+ romantic love letters for your special man.

Long Distance Relationship Love Letters for Him – Boyfriend

Best long distance love letters for your boyfriend to make him know how you feel.

1. Dear Awesome,

Hope you know I’m missing you? Well, I really do. Nothing’s been the same since you left. Even the usual Sunday hang out with friends was void of your constant joke. You’re actually an integral part of our lives. And I’m really hoping you get back soon. I love you.

2. Dear boyfriend,

If you had agreed to come work with me, you wouldn’t have to leave home often. But no, you want more; greedy somebody. Anyway, I know you’re working to give us a better life; to make me happy and comfortable, and I really appreciate that. I miss you though; just wanted you to know.

3. Dear Mr. lover-lover,

You owe me big time leaving me in our bed alone. Plus you know how much I need you here, but you still decided to leave. In short, you owe big time. Well, I just miss you too much. And it feels weird not to see you when I turn around. You better get back soon. I miss you.

4. My sunshine,

You’ve actually taken all the colors with you; now, I’m just plain, dull-faced and bored. Well, I really don’t know how else to put it. So, I miss you. I miss you very much. I miss you very very much. Please hurry up home already, okay? I love you.

5. Husbandman,

I can’t believe I don’t have you to cuddle and snuggle up to; I thought you promised to always have me in your arms. Anyway, I’m doing great, and so is our baby. I really can’t wait for you to get home so I can bore you with my plenty stories. I love you.

6. Babe,

I didn’t know how reliant I was on you to go through life. Being alone this period, and I just miss the times you’d hug me and assure me that everything is going to be fine and that I don’t have to worry too much. So, darling, I need you to come back to me soon. I love you.

7. My bathroom singer,

I used to think your singing annoying, especially when I’m trying to get some sleep after the beautiful loving of the night. But now, you decided to travel and leave me here; and I just miss hearing your voice. So, do get home soon; I promise to smile, sometimes though when I hear you sing. I love you.

8. My confidante,

I miss every moment spent apart from you. But I mostly miss the evenings when we just get to kick back our slippers, grab drinks, and just keep talking. Do come back soon, so we can physically continue our plenty gist. I love you.

9. Mr. confidence booster,

I miss waking up beside you and preparing for the day’s job alongside you. But above all, I miss how you reassure me that I’m the best there is. You still call and text to tell me, but I still wish you’d do it with me physically. On this note, just start rounding up and coming back, okay? I love you.

10. Love of my life,
It’s been a year already; a year of amazing memories together. I knew times like this were bound to happen, but it still doesn’t make it easier to bear. I love you though, and I’m hoping you come back to me sooner than planned.

11. If I knew it was going to hurt this much, or that I’d miss you this much, I’d have never let you travel. Anyways, I’m missing you, and I hope you come back soon. I love you, boo.

12. Even though you’re far away from me, from home, you’re always in my heart. Be safe there, honey.

13. I miss you very much, husband. Please come back home soon. Your wife loves you.

14. You are an essential part of our home. If you aren’t here, then home isn’t really home. I miss you, darling.

15. I miss your warm hugs and kisses. I miss cuddling with you. Get back home soon, okay?

16. If we did celebrate how much I miss you, then every day would be a holiday. I love you.

17. Even though it’s essential that you be apart for a while, it doesn’t stop me from missing you still. I love you, darling.

18. I didn’t know I was going to miss you this much, but I know it’s for our good that you’ve gone away for a while. I miss you, dearie.

19. I just realized that you’re an essential part of my life; it isn’t the same when you’re not with me. I miss you, babe.

20. The best times of my life are when you cuddle me, or do you press-ups with me on your back. Come home soon, okay?

21. Even the house feels empty without you here. God! I miss you, boyfriend.

22. There’s nothing better than the feel of your arms around me; or the scent of you when I snuggle closer. I miss you, babe.

23. I’m really trying not to be a cry-baby. But I really miss you; too much, too. Come back soon, please.

24. Mum has been coming around to keep me company, but it still isn’t the same without you. I love you.

25. Really, babe, I miss having you around. I hope you get back soon.

26. Thank God for the wedding band. It reminds me that you’ll be back soon. I miss you, sweetheart.

27. When I met you, I never thought you’d become such an integral part of my life as you are now. Hoping you get back soon.

28. There’s no getting past this feeling; I miss you dearly. I love you.

29. You’re always in my head, in my heart, and in my thoughts. I miss you, love.

30. Even though you haven’t been around for days now, I still expect to see you sleeping when I turn over. I really need you back soon.

31. I don’t think I’m insatiable. I just can’t wait to make love with you again. I miss you!

32. I didn’t realize that I depended on you so much; God, the pressure! Well, you signed up for it. And I love you.

33. I’m dying to be in your arms again. Get. Back. Home. Soon.

34. I’m learning to cope without you; it’s hard though. I just want your petting back. So, come back soon.

35. You actually make our lives run smoother. See me trying to fit in everything. I miss you.

36. I know how immersed you can be when you’re working. So, here’s a reminder for you to take a break, and get something to eat. I love you.

37. You better be missing me as much as I’m missing you! I love you, baby.

38. Babe, hope you’re feeding well over there? Well, if you aren’t, you can always come back home. I miss you though.

39. It’s okay that I’m addicted to you! Just come back home already.

40. Don’t worry; I’m taking care of myself and the baby. And we’ll see soon. I love you, darling.

41. Distance will never be enough to stop my love for you, husband. So, take your time and do what you need to do.

42. I’m actually looking forward to you in our home again. Kisses, babe.

43. I’ll be here when you get back, I promise. I love you, dear.

44. Hope you know you have my heart, irrespective of where you are. I miss you, honey. Very much.

45. I know you miss me too, so can you get back here already? Thank you!

46. I miss you in the big armchair in our room. I miss a lot about you too. I love you.

48. Nothing will ever be the same without you here. I miss you dearly.

49. Loving you is the easiest part; missing you is the hardest. I love you, dear.

50. Nothing is normal without you here. I miss you.

51. Your heartbeat is all the lulling I need to fall asleep. I miss you, and I love you.

52. The beautiful memories you’ve given me, are what keeps me sane. Get back quickly, so we can build more, okay?

53. I miss the smell of your skin after we make love. Will you get back already? I love you, boo.

55. Come back home already. Yours in waiting, your wife.

56. Your absence just makes everything dull and grey. I miss you, dear.

57. I’m in love with you, dear; this will never change. I miss you.

58. I know I said I’d be fine, but I’m not because I miss you too much. Stay safe, baby.

59. You know you bring so much color to my life; this is why you shouldn’t leave me for long. I love you, darling.

60. Everything is bleak without you here with me. I love you.

62. I miss how you see me after work, and to start to rant and want to cuddle. I miss you, baby.

63. I miss our Friday nights together; I miss the coziness, laughter and loving. I love you, dear.

64. I miss our early morning banter; our evening gist; even our quarrel. Come home soon, you hear?

65. Since you left, no one has tickled me again. Please come back already.

66. Even with the distance, I still love you madly.

67. Today was bearable without you here; I’m really looking forward to our days together. I miss you.

68. This distance between us really sucks. I pray you wrap up with your program soon. I love you.

69. The days just seem to be crawling. It’s like they don’t know that miss you so much.

70. Why does it feel like you’ve been gone for long when it’s just two days? I miss you already.

71. Its official, I need you to function without stress! I miss you badly.

72. Nothing’s the same since you left home; even the calls and texts aren’t filling the void. I miss you too much, babe.

73. I can’t help but stare at the calendar every hour; I just can’t wait for you to get back home. I love you.

75. Growth isn’t fun and can be very painful, but I know the time apart from each other is necessary for growth. So, I’ll keep missing you and enduring till you come back. I love you.

76. Now I realize how much you spoil me silly when you’re home. I’m officially lazy when you’re not here. I miss you, baby.

77. There’s barely an hour when I don’t think of you. Heck! You’re basically the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing on my mind as I sleep. I miss you, please.

78. Darling husband, hope you remember there’s a wife that is missing you at home? Good. Just start coming home already.

79. The calls and texts are good, but not good enough. I miss you, honey.

80. Even food is bland when you’re not eating them with me. I miss you, darling.

81. You always find time for me; even the distance hasn’t changed this. I love you, babe.

82. If you didn’t believe in me so much, I don’t know what I’d do. So, even if we’re far apart, I’m still here cheering you on, because I believe in you too.

83. Your loving brings color to our home; get back soon, so you can restore your share. I love you.

84. People think I’ve lost some vitality. I know why though; you are my daily boost of confidence. I miss you, baby.

85. Is it possible to plan our schedules to coincide? I really don’t want to be apart from you any longer.

86. Irrespective of the distance, I’m still glad and grateful that I’m your wife. Come home soon though.

87. It doesn’t get easier; I still miss you every time we’re apart. I love you, sweety.

88. Regardless of the distance, I still love you madly. I hope you get back home soon.

89. I’m earnestly waiting for the call to come pick you from the airport. I’ve missed you, dearly.

90. Even with the distance, you’re still my dream man. I love you, darling.

91. If I had my way, I’d be with you already. But we both have to work to enjoy the good life. I miss you though.

92. I went to mum’s today; she stuffed me full of delicacies. Well, I didn’t ask you to leave home! I miss you though.

93. That today was bearable than yesterday doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get back soon. I love you.

94. Mum went bananas when she saw the recent pictures you sent. I really can’t wait to see you again. Yours in waiting, your wife.

95. You need to come back soon, so you could fill your side of the bed.

96. It’s been days already, but I still perceive the scent of you on your side of the bed. I miss you badly.

97. You may not be home now, but I know I still have a lifetime togetherness with you. I love you, dear.

98. You better think of all the amazing food you’re missing here. I just miss you, babe.

99. I really miss everything about you; farts and all. Just get back already.

101. I know the suffering of this present time, can’t compete with the glory to come. I miss you, love.

102. I miss watching our favorite show together. Can you please come back already? I love you.

103. I hope you get back soon, my most favorite person in the world. I love you.

See people? Even distance isn’t a barrier to showing love. Keep the texts and calls rolling!

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